ロータスマイル 会員資格 :

  • 満2歳以上の方ならどなたでもご入会いただけます。
  • プログラムにご入会いただくには、ベトナム航空ウェブサイト又はスマートフォンアプリより簡単にご登録いただけます。



  • 積算されたマイルで、特典航空券、ビジネスクラスアップグレード特典、超過手荷物免除特典への交換 
  • ロータスマイル会員としてホテル及び銀行などの各種提携会社からのキャンペーンのご案内
  • ビジネスクラスラウンジの利用(プラチナ、ゴールド会員のみ)
  • ビジネスクラスチェックインカウンターの利用、優先搭乗、乗継デスク、保安検査及び入国管理局での優先レーンの利用などの優先サービス(スカイプライオリティ)の利用(対象空港のみ・スカイプライオリティはプラチナ会員のみ)
  • 座席の優先指定(会員レベルにより制限有)
  • 超過手荷物免除(会員レベルにより制限有)
  • 誕生日にボーナスマイルのプレゼント(上級会員のみ)




プラチナ 会員


  • クオリファイングマイル50.000マイルの獲得、又は
  • マイル加算を伴う搭乗回数50回



  • ベトナム航空便利用時のビジネスクラスラウンジ利用(会員に加え1名の同伴者も利用可)
  • ビジネスクラスチェックインカウンターの利用や優先搭乗、乗り継ぎデスク、保安検査及び入国管理局での優先レーン利用などの優先サービス(スカイプライオリティ)の利用(対象空港のみ)
  • 優先座席指定(ベトナム航空便名の運航便のみ・一部対象外の予約クラス有)
  • ご予約から24時間以内の国際線エコノミークラスの座席確保(諸条件あり)
  • 超過手荷物25キロ免除(ベトナム航空便名の運航便のみ)
  • お誕生日に2.000ボーナスマイルのプレゼント(クオリファイングマイルには充当されません。)
  • 各フライトあたりダブルボーナスマイルの獲得(クオリファイングマイルには充当されません。)
  • ロータスマイル会員としてホテルや銀行などの提携会社からキャンペーンのご案内
  • 特典利用者登録をしている第三者への特典譲渡
  • スカイチームエリートプラス会員資格





  • クオリファイングマイル30.000マイルの獲得、又は
  • マイル加算を伴う搭乗回数30回



  • ベトナム航空便利用時のビジネスクラスラウンジ利用
  • ビジネスクラスチェックインカウンターの利用や優先搭乗(対象空港のみ)
  • 優先座席指定(ベトナム航空便名の運航便のみ・一部対象外の予約クラス有)
  • ご予約から72時間以内の国際線エコノミークラスの座席確保(諸条件あり)
  • 超過手荷物15キロ免除(ベトナム航空便名の運航便のみ)
  • お誕生日に1.500ボーナスマイルのプレゼント(クオリファイングマイルには充当されません。)
  • 各フライトあたり50%ボーナスマイルの獲得(クオリファイングマイルには充当されません。)
  • ロータスマイル会員としてホテルや銀行などの提携会社からキャンペーンのご案内
  • 特典利用者登録をしている第三者への特典譲渡
  • スカイチームエリート会員資格

ゴールド会員の特典詳細については こちらをクリックしてください。




  • クオリファイングマイル15.000マイルの獲得、又は
  • マイル加算を伴う搭乗回数20回



  • ビジネスクラスチェックインカウンターの利用や優先搭乗
  • 優先座席指定
  • ご予約から96時間以内の国際線エコノミークラスの座席確保
  • 超過手荷物10キロ免除
  • お誕生日に1.000ボーナスマイルのプレゼント(クオリファイングマイルには充当されません。)
  • 各フライトあたり30%ボーナスマイルの獲得(クオリファイングマイルには充当されません。)
  • ロータスマイル会員としてホテルや銀行などの提携会社からキャンペーンのご案内
  • スカイチームエリート会員資格




  • マイル加算が伴う1回以上の搭乗



  • 空席待ちの優先(ベトナム航空便名の運航便のみ)
  • フライトイレギュラー発生時の優先手配(ベトナム航空便名の運航便のみ)
  • ロータス会員としてホテルや銀行などの提携会社からキャンペーンのご案内

















1.  50.000クオリファイングマイル


1. 30.000クオリファイングマイル

2.  またはマイル積算対象フライト30回

1. 15.000クオリファイングマイル

2. またはマイル積算対象フライト20回

1. 01クオリファイングマイル

2. またはマイル積算対象フライト1回








  • クオリファイングマイルとは、クオリファイング期間内にベトナム航空もしくはスカイチーム加盟航空会社便を積算対象運賃にて利用し、加算されるマイルのことをいいます。(ただし、ボーナスマイルは除く)クオリファイングマイル、フライト数は購入することが可能です。
  • ベトナム航空またはスカイチーム加盟航空会社の積算対象フライト、予約クラスについては「マイルを貯める でご確認ください。
  • クオリファイング期間内の実績により、会員レベルが決まります。会員レベルを維持する為には、クオリファイングマイルの積算が必要になります。
  • クオリファイング積算マイル、マイル積算対象フライト数に応じて会員レベルが変動します。


Terms and Conditions

Lotusmiles may, in its discretion, revoke membership in case of violation of the terms and conditions.

General conditions:
  • Lotusmiles may in its absolute discretion modify its structure and benefits at any given time with (or without) prior notice.
  • The Terms and Conditions should be well considered and accepted by Members, Members are compelled to adhere to all these terms and conditions.
  • Lotusmiles shall not accept any responsibility or liability in the event of non-availability, impossibility of reservation, or issuance of awards due to or in connection with the termination of partnership, the changing of flight schedule, the changing of Lotusmiles partner’s regulations or any other reason beyond control.
  • Lotusmiles shall not be liable to any member for the refusal of granting awards and resolving members’ accounts in case of detecting errors in crediting miles or trading the awards.
  • Lotusmiles shall not be liable to any member in providing a part or full benefits of Lotusmiles reserving for Lotusmiles members.
  • Lotusmiles reserves the right to audit any and all accounts in the Program at any time and without notice to the Member to ensure compliance with Program rules and applicable conditions of carriage.
  • In case an audit reveals discrepancies or violations, the processing of Awards, Qualifying and Bonus Miles accrual or Mileage Summaries may be delayed by Lotusmiles. Lotusmiles reserves the right to cancel miles that have been added, downgrade membership tier, close member account, or revoke membership if to be sure that the number of miles has been added incorrectly due to fraud or system errors.
  • Lotusmiles may, in its absolute discretion, terminate an individual’s membership in case of serious violation of Lotusmiles terms and conditions or upon the member’s death. Member may also terminate their membership by sending a written notification. At the time of termination, all outstanding Miles will be cancelled.
  • Lotusmiles and/or Vietnam Airlines will be dispensed from any liability or member’s claim for compensation in relation to Lotusmiles.
  • Lotusmiles reserves the right to inform security officers about any serious misbehavior of a Member or discrepancies in the Member’s account.
  • Lotusmiles reserves the right to exchange information with Partners or their agents for auditing purposes.
  • Lotusmiles may, in its discretion, revoke membership in case of violation of the terms and conditions.

Violations of Lotusmiles terms and conditions include:

  • Misconduct, fraud, misuse of awards or appliance which are provided to Member by Lotusmiles.
  • Having committed acts that are against Lotusmiles, Vietnam Airlines, or program partners.
  • Having committed acts that outrage or assault airlines staffs.
  • Having committed acts that threaten airlines security.
  • Other acts which are recognized by Lotusmiles as violation of Lotusmiles terms and conditions.
  • Membership tiers, membership cards and miles cannot be transferred, inherited or mortgaged.

These terms and conditions govern all relationship between Lotusmiles and its Members.


1. Lotusmiles membership is open to any individual aged 2 or over whom, regardless of nationality, has citizenship and a mailing address in any region where Lotusmiles applies and is not prohibited by the law of his/her home country. (2.1.1 Lotusmiles Regulation)

Agencies and organizations are not allowed to participate as an individual member.

2. An eligible person can join Lotusmiles by access the Website www.vietnamairlines.com and follow the instructions to register as a Lotusmiles member. (2.1.2.a Lotusmiles Regulation)

3. Once an online Application Form of a person has been accepted by Lotusmiles, he/she will become a Registered Member and receive a permanent membership number. Member should present this number whenever making reservation and checking-in for flights. (2.1.2.b Lotusmiles Regulation)

4. The Member is responsible for providing the Lotusmiles Center with the Member’s correct mailing address for Lotusmiles communication. If a Member changes his/her mailing address, email address or telephone number, the Member are required to notify Lotusmiles in writing or via Lotusmiles’s website without any undue delay. The Lotusmiles will not be responsible or liable for any loss of printed materials sent to a member as a result of a member’s failure to notify personal information changes. (2.1.2.c Lotusmiles Regulation)

5. When successfully enroll in Lotusmiles, Members have a right to choose a password for their accounts. A passwrod is a set of up to 8 characters and can be changed via the Lotusmiles website or Mobile Application. The code is used to ensure that only the member can access the account. Members must ensure that this number is not disclosed to any unauthorized parties. Lotusmiles shall not be liable for the consequences of any disclosure of the password by Member (1.4.s Lotusmiles Regulation)

6. Membership status: A member will acquire Silver, Titanium, Gold or Platinum membership status depending on the number of qualifying miles credited to their membership account. After each qualifying period, members are granted a free card (Silver cards are valid indefinitely). If members lose the card or do not receive it due to changing address, the Lotusmiles center will provide a Frequent Flyer membership card with the fee equivalent to 2,000 miles. After the card has expired, the card will no longer be valid. (1.4 Lotusmiles Regulation)

7. Member status is valid during qualifying periods for 12 months to 13 months (1.4 Lotusmiles Regulation)

8. In case membership cards are lost or damaged, the member must notify the Lotusmiles in writing, fax or email immediately.

9. In the new qualifying period, Titanium, Gold and Platinum Members who do not meet the standard for maintaining membership tier, will become a member of a lower membership tier, corresponding to the number of miles accrued in the period. (2.1.4.b Lotusmiles Regulation)

10. Qualifying period: Is counted as period from the current month plus previous 12 months. (1.4.q Lotusmiles Regulation)

11. Lotusmiles may, with its absolute discretion, revoke membership in case of violations of Lotusmiles terms and conditions, when Members voluntarily withdrawal from Lotusmiles, the death of members, etc… In any case, the member will be dismissed and all miles left in the account will be cancelled. (2.1.5 Lotusmiles Regulation)

Earning miles

12. Mile is basic unit of Lotusmiles. Each unit is equivalent to 1 mile. Miles are divided into two types: Bonus Miles and Qualifying Miles. (1.4.x Lotusmiles Regulation)    

13. Bonus miles are miles which members accumulate when using products and services Lotusmiles' partners or from Vietnam Airlines’ promotions. In addition, members also have the opportunities to accumulate bonus miles by buying bonus miles from Lotusmiles or receiving transferred miles from other members or some other situations as reported in advance.

  • Bonus miles are valid for at least 2 years and up to 3 years, depending on the date of joining the membership program and the date those miles are accumulated. Bonus miles will be deducted each time members redeem miles for rewards. (1.4.y Lotusmiles Regulation)

14. Qualifying miles are miles used to determine whether the membership tier is maintained or renewed in each qualifying period. Qualifying Miles are valid up to 13 months.(1.4.z Lotusmiles Regulation)

15. Miles can not be inherited or combined with miles earned by another member (except the cases when member buys miles from Lotusmiles or transfers miles to other members written in Buy and Transfer Miles.

16. Eligible flights are those of Vietnam Airlines or any other airlines in the SkyTeam with paid ticket of eligible booking classes for crediting miles and as specified in section“Earn Miles”.

17. Members can earn qualifying miles when buying ticket and flying with Vietnam Airlines or any airlines of SkyTeam or any non-SkyTeam airlines that has FFP agreement with Vietnam Airlines. (2.2.1.a Lotusmiles Regulation)

  • Members can earn bonus miles when buying and using products/services of non-air partners that has FFP agreement with Vietnam Airlines such as hotels, banks, telecommunications, car-rentals... (2.2.1.a Lotusmiles Regulation)
  • Members can claim qualifying miles on Vietnam Airlines and SkyTeam flights taken six months prior to the enrollment date. (2.2.1.a Lotusmiles Regulation)
  • Members can claim missing miles on Vietnam Airlines flights taken twelve months prior to the claiming date and required to provide original/copy of boarding pass and copy of ticket. (2.2.1.a Lotusmiles Regulation)
  • When flying with other airlines, members can claim missing miles for the flight taken six months or twelve months prior to the claiming date (depend on the term of bilateral FFP agreement between operated airlines and Vietnam Airlines). Members can claim miles accumulated by using goods and services of non-airlines partners within three to six months of the claming date. (2.2.1.a Lotusmiles Regulation)
18. A member may have only one membership account, in which all accumulated miles and award redemptions are recorded. (2.2.1.b Lotusmiles Regulation)
If Lotusmiles members is also a member of Lotusmiles’s partners, miles will be credited to one account only for each flight. Once miles are credited to Lotusmiles account, they could not be cancelled for converting to the other account.

    19. If an eligible flight is not operated for any reason including, but not limited to, weather, mechanical irregularities, cancellations, or delays, and a member does not or can not board that flight, miles will not be credited to such member’s account. (2.2.1.e1 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    20. If a member is able to board another eligible flight, miles will be credited on the basis of the actual flight. (2.2.1.e2 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    21. If a Lotusmiles member is also a member of other frequent flyer program of Lotusmiles' partners, this member is only allowed to credit miles to one frequent flyer program account for each flight. (2.2.1.e3 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    22. Miles are not credited for tickets that are banned, expired, Lotusmiles award tickets, Lotusmiles partners award tickets or other ID/AD tickets. (2.2.1.e4 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    23. Miles are only credited based on the actual class purchased, not by class used by member, unless otherwise advised. (2.2.1.e5 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    24. In case members are willing to upgrade to higher booking class by purchasing the difference of fare calculation and seat is confirmed before the payment, miles will be credited according to upgrade booking class. In case members are upgraded free of charge, ID/AD upgrade-voucher, using Lotusmiles award, or through sales policy of Vietnam Airlines (sale promotion programs, OptionTown, etc.), miles will be credited according to original booking class. (2.2.1.e6 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    25. First Class or Business Class or Premium Economy passengers who are downgraded are entitled to compensation under the current regulations of Vietnam Airlines, and miles are credited based on actual flight class. (2.2.1.e7 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    26. Miles are not credited for excess baggage or extra seats booked by members on the same flight. (6.1.e8 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    27. Purchased tickets which have not been used will not be credited miles. (2.2.1.e9 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    28. Lotusmiles members will earn miles when buying tickets and booking within certain price ranges and booking classes. Each eligible booking class corresponds to a different number of miles earned. (2.2.1.e10 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    29. In case that member have to change to another flight involuntary and the flight is ineligible for crediting miles, miles will be credited based on information shown on the original ticket before being changed. (2.2.1.e11 Lotusmiles Regulation)


    30. Regular international and domestic flights, operated by Vietnam Airlines, except for charter flights.

    31. Flights operated by SkyTeam airlines and marketed by Vietnam Airlines.

    32. Some international flights and domestic flights marketed by Vietnam Airlines and operated by other non- SkyTeam airlines which Vietnam Airlines has codeshare or bilateral FFP agreement.

    33. Flights are operated and marketed by airlines of SkyTeam.

    34. Flights operated by Vietnam Airlines and marketed by SkyTeam airlines.

    35. Flights  are operated by a non - SkyTeam airline and marketed as a SkyTeam Airline, specified in the bilateral FFP agreement of the Lotusmiles Program between Vietnam Airlines and other airlines in the SkyTeam alliance.

    36. Flights are operated and marketed by non-SkyTeam airlines which Vietnam Airlines has a bilateral FFP agreement.

    37. Flights are operated by Vietnam Airlines and marketed by a non-SkyTeam airline with which Vietnam Airlines has a bilateral FFP agreement.

    38. Flights are operated by SkyTeam airlines and marketed by non-SkyTeam airlines (as a subsidiary company or others) which indicated on and bilateral FFP agreement between Vietnam Airlines and a SkyTeam airlines.

    Earn miles in other cases:

    39. Member can earn extra miles from mile promotion program of Vietnam Airlines and Lotusmiles’s partners which are informed in advance. (2.2.4.a Lotusmiles Regulation)    

    40, Goodwill miles would be awarded to the members who give the positive claims to Vietnam Airlines. (2.2.4.b Lotusmiles Regulation)

    Redeeming miles

    41. Lotusmiles Award tickets are issued on basic of deducting valid accumulated miles from the member’s account. Lotusmiles Award include: 

    • Award ticket on Vietnam Airlines or airline partners.
    • Upgrade award in which all itineraries in the air-ticket are on Vietnam Airlines (carrier code is VN).
    • Excess baggage award on VN flights.
    • Access to Business Lounge Award which is applied to one companion who departures on the same day with Platinum or Gold members.
    • Other services supplied by Vietnam Airlines or partners.

    42. Any taxes or duties arising out of or in connection with the receipt of Lotusmiles award or benefits shall be responsibility of and borne by the beneficiary.

    43. Award ticket is a ticket issued for traveling with Vietnam Airlines or other partners on the basis of deducting valid accumulated miles in the member’s account. (1.4.ff Lotusmiles Regulation)

    44. Gold and Platinum members can assign the Redemption Group up to 10 people. Once assigned, the names in the Redemption Group cannot be removed. However, members can replace two name per calendar year (from January 1 to December 31). 

    45. Lotusmiles members can redeem miles for award tickets on Vietnam Airlines mobile application and website or redeem all Lotusmiles awards at Vietnam Airlines branch offices.

    46. To redeem for award at Vietnam Airlines branch offices, Members should make reservation, send online Award request or complete and sign an “Award Request Form”, then mail, fax or email it together with a copy of your Identity Card (ID)/Passport to Lotusmiles, the nearest Vietnam Airlines Booking Office, or Vietnam Airlines’ overseas branch offices. Members also indicate at which Vietnam Airlines’ booking office to pick up the award and mandatorily  write your valid email address in order to receive your Award Certificate or any information concerned.

    47. Members should book award flights online via Vietnam Airlines mobile application or website at least 6 hours prior to the departure time. Platinum and Gold members can book award flights for up to 6 people per transaction. The ticketing charge is 50,000 VND/domestic ticket and 7 USD/international ticket.

    48. Award Requests must be sent at least two working days prior to the departure date (applied to Platinum and Gold members) and three working days (applied to Titanium, Silver and Register members). 

    49. After receiving the “Award Request Form”, Lotusmiles will, based on capacity control and the number of accumulated miles in the member’s account, process this request. In case the award request is not accepted, Lotusmiles will notify Members as soon as possible.

    • If members have not received information award three days after the date of sending award request, please contact Lotusmiles, the nearest Vietnam Airlines Booking Office, or Vietnam Airlines’ overseas branch offices for more information.

    50. Award Voucher is the document released by Lotusmiles. Based on the voucher, branch offices of Vietnam Airlines grant award tickets to members. Award Vouchers are only valid for 45 days from the date of issue. (1.4.ii Lotusmiles Regulation)

    51. Award Receiving Authorization is the document (by form) in which member uses to assign someone else to receive award in branch offices of Vietnam Airlines. (1.4.jj Lotusmiles Regulation)

    52. Member and Redemption Group Reward tickets granted on the basic of a deduction of miles to members or individuals named on the Award Request. (2.3.1.a Lotusmiles Regulation)

    53. Upgrade Award is granted, on the basis of deducting miles from the member’s account, to members or individuals named in the list of award receivers nominated in the award Request form, in conjunction with paid tickets with eligible booking classes for upgrading as regulated by Lotusmiles. (2.3.1.b1.2 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    54. Upgrade Award apply for: (1) Purchased tickets of the entire itinerary on Vietnam Airlines operated flights or Vietnam Airlines hard block codeshare flights; (2) Purchased tickets of the itinerary including Vietnam Airlines flights and other airlines flights (upgrade on Vietnam Airlines operated flights only).
    Upgrade award only apply for some confirmed booking classes of Economy and Premium Economy purchased tickets. (2.3.1.b1.1 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    55. Upgrade award ticket must comply with the restrictive conditions of Economy tickets respectively. In case of extension tickets, change of itinerary, upgrade award ticket is extended up to the ticket validity and change itinerary accordingly with no fee (applied for eligible Vietnam Airlines flights for award redemption). If the mileage deduction for a new itinerary is more than the old one, miles difference will be deducted from the member’s account. If the mileage deduction for the new itinerary is less than the old one, the mile difference is not re-credited to the member’s account. (2.3.1.b1.3 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    56. The validity of an upgrade award corresponds with the paid economy ticket and is an inseparable part of the ticket. An upgrade award ticket will not change the restrictions applied to that paid economy ticket. Once tickets have expired or have been refunded, the upgrade award is no longer valid and cannot be used to upgrade other tickets. (2.3.1b1.4 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    57. Members or people in Redemption Group Member (applied for Platinum and Gold members) can get excess baggage award. (2.3.2.c1 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    58. Excess baggage award is only applicable on flights operated by VN and when the carrier code shown on the ticket is VN. (2.3.1.c2 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    59. Platinum and Gold members can get award of access to Business Lounge for their one companion who departures on the same day with them. Access to Business Lounge award for companion is applied for flights operated by Vietnam Airlines with carrier code VN on tickets and applied for Business lounges in Vietnam only. (2.3.1.e Lotusmiles Regulation)

    60. Members could redeem awards on non-airlines partners with the terms and conditions agreed by Vietnam Airlines and Partners.

    61. All membership tiers including Registered member are entitled to exchange accrued miles for award tickets on flights of Vietnam Airlines, SkyTeam partners and other airlines which co-operate with Vietnam Airlines; or rewards as products or services of Lotusmiles' partners. (2.3.2.a Lotusmiles Regulation)

    62. Members are entitled to redeem awards if the booking classes for the award tickets are still available. Every year, members will be noticed of peak time via Lotusmiles publication and the website of Vietnam Airlines. (2.3.2.c Lotusmiles Regulation) Members are entitled to redeem award tickets in peak seasons on VN flights with the following conditions: 

    • Miles to redeem award ticket are required more than in off-peak period. (2.3.2.c1 Lotusmiles Regulation)
    • Reservation must be confirmed. (2.3.2.c2 Lotusmiles Regulation)
    • If the inbound or outbound flight of the itinerary is in peak period, the extra number of miles required shall only be redeemed for the flight taken in peak period. (2.3.2.c3 Lotusmiles Regulation)
    • The date of the award ticket can be changed if seats are available but miles will be deducted as for peak period. (2.3.2.c4 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    63. Mileage deduction for the award are based on the type of award ticket, operating carrier, itinerary, class of service, season of routes, award zone and the individuals using award. Mileage deduction for Lotusmiles members and individuals in Nominee list will be caculated by the Lotusmiles Award Chart. In case Platinum and Gold members requested to redeem award for individuals which are not in the Nominee list, an addition 20% of regular mileage redemption will be charged. (2.3.2.e Lotusmiles Regulation)

    64. Lotusmiles members are not allowed to sell their awards to the others. Lotusmiles has the right to refuse to honor a reward that they believe to have been traded. (2.3.2.f Lotusmiles Regulation)

    65. Miles accrual first will be deducted first (‘first in first out’ basis). (2.3.2.g Lotusmiles Regulation)

    66. Miles will not be re-credited to the member’s account for issued award tickets and upgrade award ticket even if the award tickets, excess baggage awards or upgrade award tickets have not been used or have only been used in part, except for cases prescribed by Vietnam Airlines. (2.3.2.h Lotusmiles Regulation)

    67. Award Redemption flights of Vietnam Airlines must be deducted according to Vietnam Airlines award chart. (2.3.2.i Lotusmiles Regulation)

    68. Award redemption flights of SkyTeam/other airlines must be deducted according to The SkyTeam/other airlines award chart. In case members request award for itinerary which include combination flights of Vietnam Airlines and other airlines, miles deducted for flights on Vietnam Airlines will be according to the Vietnam Airlines award chart, miles deducted for flights on SkyTeam/other airlines will be according to the Award chart for SkyTeam/other airlines. (2.3.2.j Lotusmiles Regulation)

    69. The award redemption itinerary on non-SkyTeam airlines cooperated with Vietnam Airlines in Frequent Flyer Program must be separated and non combined with flights of Vietnam Airlines or SkyTeam airlines on the same award tickets. Award Redemption flights must be deducted according to the award chart of SkyTeam Airlines or other airlines. (2.3.2.k Lotusmiles Regulation)

    70. If the award redemption itinerary is a combination of different journeys, the number of miles deducted is the sum of the mileage deduction for each journey. (2.3.2.l Lotusmiles Regulation)

    71. “When Platinum and Gold members request an award ticket or upgrade for children, the miles will be deducted equivalently to the deduction of miles for an adult award”

    72. “Platinum and Gold members may request an award ticket or upgrade award for an infant under two years of age, whose name is listed in Redemption Group Member, traveling together with Lotusmiles member or Lotusmiles member relatives using award ticket or upgrade award. The mileage required for infant award ticket or upgrade award is equivalent to 10% of the mileage required for adults. Booking an award flight for infant is only permitted if the infant is accompanied by an adult having award booking on the same flight. The age of infant is based on the date of first departure for the itinerary wholly on Vietnam Airlines and based on each individual sector for the itinerary on other airlines.

    73. Award tickets cannot have the carrier or itinerary changed, cannot have validity extended and cannot be refunded or re-issued in case of lost ticket but the date of the flight can be changed depending upon availability (Noted: peak season restrictions). (2.3.2.o Lotusmiles Regulation)

    74. Validity of award ticket:

    Award ticket with itinerary wholly on Vietnam Airlines operated flights and/or codeshare flights from VN*2000 to VN*2999, or combined with flights operated by SkyTeam member-airlines: 01 year from the date of commencement of travel. For totally unused ticket, change to ticket (revalidation/exchange) must be done within 01 year from the date of original ticket issuance and validity of the new ticket is validity of the original ticket.

  • Award ticket with itinerary on the flights operated by other airlines which have agreements on Lotusmiles Program cooperation with Vietnam Airlines: 01 year from the date of ticket issuance.
  • Award ticket with itinerary combining Vietnam Airlines operated flights and/or codeshare flights from VN*2000 to VN*2999 with flights operated by non-SkyTeam member airlines which have agreements on Lotusmiles Program cooperation with Vietnam Airlines: 01 year from the date of ticket issuance.

    75. Issued Award Vouchers are still valid, but member requests to change details such as name, itinerary or class. In this case the certificate may be re-issued with the following fees: 

    • Award Request less than 50,000 miles: deduct 3,000 miles. (2.3.2.q1 Lotusmiles Regulation) 
    • Award Request above 50,000 miles: deduct 6,000 miles. (2.3.2.q2 Lotusmiles Regulation) 
    • If the mileage deduction for the new award request is more than the old, the mile difference will be deducted from the member’s account. (2.3.2.q3 Lotusmiles Regulation) 
    • If the mileage deduction for the new award request is less than the old, the mile difference is not refunded to the member’s account. (2.3.2.q4 Lotusmiles Regulation) 
    • A valid issued Award Voucher which has not been changed into an award ticket can be refunded to the membership account with a fee equal to 50% of the mileage deducted on the Certificate. (2.3.2.q5 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    76. Issued award ticket are still valid, members can request to change the booking class with re-issued ticket fee. (2.3.2.x Lotusmiles Regulation)
    Mileage difference will be deducted as follow:

    • If mileage deduction for the new award request is more than the old, the mile difference will be deducted from the member’s account. (2.3.2.x1 Lotusmiles Regulation)
    • If the mileage deduction for the new award request is less than the old, the mile difference is not refunded to the member’s account. (2.3.2.x2 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    77. Lotusmiles allows members to get their paid taxes and fees (excluding service fee, if any) when refunding the valid Lotusmiles award tickets without paying a refund fee. (2.3.2.u Lotusmiles Regulation)

    78. Lotusmiles allows award users to request special services on Vietnam Airlines’ flights in accordance to Vietnam Airlines current regulations applied to paid tickets. (2.3.2.v Lotusmiles Regulation)

    • With the airlines partners, Lotusmiles members must comply with the airlines partners’ regulations to use special services. (2.3.2.v Lotusmiles Regulation)

    79. When Award Request is approved, Member presents membership card and ID (or Passport) at the chosen booking office to receive Award. In case members cannot collect the award themselves, they may authorize another person to pick up the award. The authorized person must provide his ID (or Passport) together with Authorization Form, members’ ID (or Passport) and membership card (if any) to designated office to collect ticket. However, if members are under 18 years old, their parents and guardians will be allowed to collect the awards on their behalf without authorization papers. (2.3.2.w Lotusmiles Regulation

    80. Lotusmiles award ticket is a journey of one flight or multiple flight sectors. Mileage deduction for one sector is calculated based on departure and destination of the flight. (2.3.2.r1 Lotusmiles Regulation)

    81. The mileage deduction for international itinerary which has 1 Vietnam domestic transit point (connecting within 24 hours) will be as follow

  • Apply the mileage deduction of the international sector if 2 sectors having the same class of service or the international sector has the higher class of service.
  • Apply the total mileage deduction of both international and domestic sector if the domestic sector has the higher class of service.
  • Example:

    • Mileage deduction for the itinerary of VII VN x/HAN VN CDG will be based on the mileage deduction for HAN VN CDG according to the Vietnam Airline Award chart if VII VN HAN and HAN VN CDG have the same class of service or HAN CDG has the higher class of service than VII HAN. If VII HAN has the higher class of service, then mileage deduction will be VII HAN + HAN CDG.
    • Mileage deduction for the itinerary of HAN VN x/CDG AF AMS will be cacualated by sectors, in which sector HANCDG will be according to the Vietnam Airlines award chart, sector CDGAMS will be according to the Award chart for other airlines.
    • Mileage deduction for the itinerary of VII VN x/SGN VN PQC will be cacualated by sectors which both sector will be according to the Vietnam Airlines award chart.