Vietnam Airlines recommends that passengers do not bring odorous items in hand baggage such as fish sauce, durian and other odorous foods.

For checked baggage, we accept for carriage items with an odor under the following conditions:

  • Each passenger is allowed to bring a maximum of 3 liters or 3 kg of fish sauce or other odorous liquid and / or 5 kg of durian fruit or other odorous items
  • Our baggage policy regarding odorous items is not applicable for flights operated with ATR72
  • Odorous liquid may not be transported in glass bottles or containers that are not sealed, as liquid may spill out

Passengers must pack odorous baggage according to the following instructions:

  • Fish sauce and other odorous liquids must be packed in plastic bottles, covered with a lid and the lid secured to the bottle with tape. The amount of liquid in each bottle should not exceed 95% of the volume of the bottle. The bottles should be placed in foam containers. Styrofoam boxes must be sealed with tape and packed firmly to ensure no breakage may occur during stacking and transportation
  • Durian fruit and other odorous items must be sealed in plastic before packing in bag, to ensure odor cannot spread to other baggage

Some international airlines do not accept the carriage of baggage with odors. If a passenger's itinerary involves another airline, please check the airline's regulations on handling baggage with odors.