(Applicable on flights with VN number and operated by Vietnam Airlines)

Booking offer

Million Miler Members are guaranteed an economy class seat when booking at least 12 hours before departure:

  • For purchased tickets: Applicable for booking class Y on international flights or Y, B, M on domestic flights.
  • For award tickets: Applicable to booking class X on Vietnam domestic and international flights while the flight is still open for sale in Economy class.
Free advance seat selection for Business, Premium/Flex/Standard Economy tickets between the time of purchase and 25 hours prior to the departure time; Get 50% off fee for Lite and Super Lite Economy tickets.
Check-in for flight
  • Check-in at Business/Million Mile/SkyPriority counter for members and up to 5 companions, unlimited number of passengers using Lotusmiles award tickets.
  • Free upgrade to Business class for Members who already have confirmed Economy or Premium Economy seats but are full at check-in and Business Class has seats available.
  • Complimentary upgrade to Premium Economy (if there's seat available at check-in) when purchasing an Economy Class ticket with a booking class that earns miles on flights operated with Premium Economy Class.
  • Priority is given to selecting seats from the available seats on the flight at the time of check-in at the airport.
  • Priority is given to the settlement of seats in the event of an irregular flight.
Baggage Priority
  • Tagged with SkyPriority priority baggage;
  • Extra 02 pieces of luggage (23kg/1 piece);
  • Bring 01 free golf set weighing up to 23kg/50lb, no size limit. (Preferred according to Vietnam Airlines baggage policy).
"Meet & Greet" Service and Business lounge


At Departure Airport

"Meet & Greet" service Member and 03 accompanying guests
Do not apply
Do not apply
Priority lane (Follow airport policy)
Member and 03 accompanying guests
On domestic flights: Member and 03 accompanying guests
On international flights: Applicable only to member 
Applicable to member only if the airport provides the service
Access to Lotus/Business Lounge
Member and 03 guests Member and 03 guests
Member and 01 guest
Priority boarding (Priority lane/bus)
Member and 03 accompanying guests Member and 03 accompanying guests
Applicable to member only
 At Arrival Airport
"Meet & Greet" service
Aplicable to domestic & international flights (Member with checked baggage)  Do not apply
Do not apply
Be assisted with checked baggage Aplicable to domestic & international flights (Member with checked baggage)
Aplicable to Vietnam domestic flights (Member with checked baggage)
Do not apply
At the connecting airport
Be assisted with checked baggage 
Aplicable to domestic & international flights
Aplicable to Vietnam domestic connecting flights

Do not apply

  • Guests invited into the Business lounge with Million Miler members need a ticket on Vietnam Airlines or SkyTeam flight with the same flight date as the Million Miler.
  • Members need to comply with regulations on security, customs, immigration authorities at airports.
Other offers
  • Get 100% extra bonus miles on every eligible flight
  • Get 2,000 bonus miles for your birthday
  • Accumulated miles are valid for 60 months from the month in which they are credited, unless otherwise stated.
  • Redeem unlimited award vouchers to access the Lotus lounge for companions (in addition to 3 people for free)
  • Free 01 Platinum card valid for 1 year for Family Account member (Each Million Miler member is entitled to the offer once). Please send email to to enjoy the benefit.


(Including flights with carrier code VN)

Benefits (1)

Elite Plus

Guaranteed full fare Economy Class booking on international flights (> 6 flying hours) that are sold out in Economy Class at least 24 hours before departure

24 hours

Priority baggage handling on all international flights 

Extra Baggage Allowance (2) on flights marketed and operated by SkyTeam Members

20kg/1 piece

Business Class or reserved Lounge Access on all international flights (3)

√ (invite 1 guest )

Priority service at airport ticket desks

Priority service at transfer desks

Priority line at security where available 

Priority line at immigration where available 

Preferred seat among available seats on the international flight at the time of check-in at the airport

Priority waiting list

Priority check-in when traveling on international flights (Check in at SkyPriority counters)

Priority on standby list at the airport

Priority boarding when traveling on international flights


(1) For more information about SkyTeam benefits, please visit website

  • One piece rule will be applied according to each SkyTeam Airlines’ regulations.
  • On Korean Air (KE) operated flights between HANOI - SEOUL and HOCHIMINH CITY - SEOUL with VN carrier code, extra baggage allowance applied to Lotusmiles Members are: Platinum 25kg, Gold 15kg and Titanium 10kg.
  • Extra baggage allowance is not applied to Elite Members traveling in Economy Class on Korean Air on the transpacific routes.
  • On Delta Airlines (DL) operated flights, except for travel within or between the United States and Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico; to/from Brazil.
(3) Applied to one companion who departs on the same day with Platinum or Elite Plus Member on the flight operated by Vietnam Airlines or SkyTeam airlines.


Applied on codeshare flights with carrier code VN


Lounge access

Check-in at Business/PRIORITY 

Priority baggage tag

Extra baggage allowance

OTHER priority 
All Nippon Airways - NH (1)

(invite 1 guest) (1)


+ 2 pieces

(23kg/1 piece)

Priority boarding
Pacific Airlines - BL
(invite 1 guest) (2)

(Apply at the airports in Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh city)

+ 2 pieces (23kg/1 piece)

- Priority lines at security and immigration at airports in Vietnam if the service is available. 

- Free of charge one golf bag (3)

Cambodia Angkor Air - K6


(invite 1 guest)


(& accompanying passengers)

+ 2 pieces

(23kg/1 piece)


Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO) - 0V

 (invite 1 guest)

+ 2 pieces

(23kg/1 piece)

Priority lines at security and immigration at airports in Vietnam if the service is available. 

Philippines Airlines - PR


(invite 1 guest)


EL AL Israel airlines - LY 
(invite 1 guest)
 (& accompanying passengers)
Bangkok Airways - PG   -

+ 2 pieces

(23kg/1 piece)

China Southern Airlines - CZ (4) -

+ 1 piece (23kg/1 piece)   Priority boarding
(1) Apply on code-shared flights with flight number VN and NH, except flights with NH number and operated by NH. Infants of eligible customers to the Lounge shall be provided with lounge access without limit to the number of infants accompanied by the Platinum Members without any charge. Infants do not count as a Guest. 
(2) Apply at airports in Vietnam. 
(3) Free of charge one golf bag, maximum of 20 kg, on domestic flights, containing golf equipment including: up to 14 clubs, 12 balls, 1 pair of shoes, and Tees.
(4) Applicable on flights operated by CZ with VN and CZ numbers.