Login to the member account

On the website, members visit the vietnamairlines.com home page, select the “Log in” section at the top right corner, enter the member number and password, and click “Log in”.

On the app, find the toolbar at the bottom of the home page, select Lotusmiles, and enter the card number and password to log in to the member account.

Đăng nhập tại khoản hôi viên trên APP VNA.

What is in a member account?

When logging into a Lotusmiles account, a member can perform the following operations:

Account Information:

  • View the card information including: Card number, card tier, bonus miles, qualifying miles, number of qualifying flight sectors, and qualifying period;
  • Edit personal information;
  • Get awards (using miles);
  • Donate miles;
  • Submit a request to the program;
  • Mile purchase/transfer;
  • Other accounts/products including: Co-branded cards, my family account, Lotusmiles card number, member reference purchase, and LotuSociety.

Activity details: View flight and bonus mile details.

Request mile accumulation for a flight: At least 7 days after completing a flight, and the account has not updated the accumulated miles, a member can access the account and submit a request for mile accumulation to the Lotusmiles Program to receive the corresponding bonus miles. Please remember to keep the flight ticket information to request mile accumulation.

Change password: Update a new password for the account.

Mile accumulation calculator: Enter the airline, departure, destination, seat class, and departure date to see how many miles you can earn after the flight completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members requiring account-related assistance, please visit the Frequent Asked Questions section, select "Lotusmiles Program" - "My Account".