Lotusmiles members who are also MobiFone long-term connection members can register to become an Associate Member to enjoy many incentives brought by the two programs.

  • Transfer points from Long-term Connection account to Lotusmiles account:
  • - Point transfer rate: 5 Long-term connection points = 1 Lotusmiles bonus mile.

    - How to transfer points: members register for automatic monthly point transfer with MobiFone; Access MobiFone's website or mobile application.

  • MobiFone upgrade privilege: Platinum members are given special privileges as Gold members of the MobiFone long-term program. Members please contact MobiFone to standardize information and upgrade.
Conditions and terms:
  • Lotusmiles members need to register to become a long-term connecting member and join the link between the two programs to enjoy points exchange and upgrade incentives. Members can register on the website or mobile application of Vietnam Airlines or MobiFone.
  • Bonus miles will be automatically added to the member's account after redeeming points and have a time limit according to the regulations of the Lotusmiles program.
  • Permanent Connection Points transferred to the Lotusmiles account cannot be transferred back to the Permanent Connection account.
  • The affiliated member title and special card status will be terminated if the member changes the phone number in the Lotusmiles account to something different from the linked MobiFone subscription number.