Making Reference to Requirements of Some Specific Wet Cargo

1. Packing of Crab:

Polyethylene film inside the package is not required. For sea crab shipments, holes can be made in the package’s sides, except the bottom (holes in the bottom, if necessary, must be tightly filled prior to loading).

2. Packing of Eel:

Eel must be packed in bamboo crates. Crates must have strong handles and must be reinforced to ensure they don’t collapse during handling process. One absorbent sheet, net and two polyethylene films must be put inside the package. Angles of the net sheet must be hung up and its opening must be tightly tied to ensure eels can not escape. Sheet of wooden bars must be securely tied to the crate’s opening.

3. Packing of Shrimp/Lobster:

Apart from baby shrimp, polyethylene film inside the package is not required. For lobster shipments, they must be pre-cooled, left to drain, wrapped with paper and packed with gel ice in styrofoam boxes. Boxes can be holed in their walls.

4. Packing of live fish shipments:

Live fish are packed in oxygen-filled bag with water of  1/3 of its capacity, fastened on top and wrapped into another polyethylene bag also fastened on its top.