Refrigerant materials

1.   Dry Ice

When dry ice {Carbon Dioxide, solid) is used with perishable cargo, it must be packed so that the carbon dioxide gas can disperse and not build up within the receptacle or container.

If carrying a large volume of perishables packed with dry ice, total quantities of dry ice in all compartments must not exceed the limitation for each type of aircraft.

2.   Liquefied gases

The use of liquefied gases in refrigerated form is often restricted, only associated with the carriage of human tissues, semen and living organs.

It should be noted that liquefied gases are classified as "Dangerous Goods" and their carriage is permitted only in accordance with the current IATA and Vietnam Airlines Dangerous Goods Regulations.

3.    Wet ice

Wet cargo packing requirements must be complied with.. Wet ice must be put in polyethylene bags or other non-leaky bags, then packed in each package of perishables.

In case wet ice is inadequately put in polyethylene bags, packaging is required to hold water inside the packages.