Packing requirements for some specific commodities

1. Plants and Flowers

Flowers are wrapped in protective paper then packed in cardboard boxes or wicker baskets.

Packing materials must be strong to allow for stacking of packages on top of each other.

Products must be packed to ensure that the contents are adequately protected and properly ventilated. Packages must not be overloaded either by weight or volume.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables must be packed in well-ventilated containers capable of preventing crushing and bruising. Usual packages are wooden crates and carton boxes.

3. Meat and meat products – fresh and frozen

It is the responsibility of the shipper to deliver the shipment to the airline with sufficient refrigerant materials in order to maintain the designed range of temperature till time of delivery.

Fresh meat must be packed in leak-proof packages and handled as wet cargo.

Packaging must be of a standard to satisfy the country’s import and export laws. the laws of export and import countries.

4. Vaccines and Medical Supplies

Vaccines and medical supplies are usually shipped in standard packaging designed to protect and preserve the contents.

Some items are classified as dangerous goods and must be treated in accordance with IATA DGR and VNA regulations.

5. Fish and seafood – fresh and frozen

Fresh and frozen fish and seafood must be shipped in leak-proof packaging and handled as wet cargo.

The common method of packing fish and seafood is to use inner containers of polyethylene bags together with refrigerant, in outer containers of fiberboard, wood, styrofoam and carton.

- Inner packaging: Polyethylene bags must be of a thickness adequate to avoid being torn. If necessary, one bag should be placed inside another in order to give added protection against leakage.

- Outer Packing:

+ Corrugated fiberboard: Folded corners provide additional protection against leakage.

+ Styrofoam: Outer containers of Styrofoam can be used only with inner containers of polyethylene bags.

Package reinforcement: Where water-proof adhesive tapes and bandings are used to seal cartons, care should be taken to avoid damage to the container itself.