Acceptance conditions for Perishable cargo

Perishable cargo will not be accepted if the contents do not appear to be in good condition or if the packaging appears to be inadequate or if it is the opinion of accepting staff that shipments will not reach their destination in a satisfactory condition or will not be possible to be delivered to the consignee.

Perishable cargo will be accepted without responsibility on the part of the carrier for loss or damage due to changes in climate, temperature, altitude or other ordinary exposures.

Instructions of maximum acceptable duration of transport and of any special handling requirement must be shown on Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI). 

Perishable shipments which may exude liquids are classified as "Wet Cargo" and shall be in compliance with requirements of Vietnam Airlines Wet Cargo Regulations.

Perishable shipments will not be accepted if AWBs do not contain reasonable instructions or AWBs contain extremely specific conditions such as "Keep under refrigeration at all times" or "Maintain at below 5 degree Celsius", unless agreed by Vietnam Airlines.