Marking and Labelling

On each package must be marked as follows:

The identify cargo labels and special cargo labels must be affixed near the address of the shipper and consignee. The label must be filled out clearly in capital letters and numbers ensure not blurred, easy to read. The label must be tied to each package.

Requirements of cargo identification label as follows:

Cargo identification labels are provided by the Vietnam Airlines, however Vietnam Airlines may accept cargo identification labels provided by the customer if the contents match the contents of the Vietnam Airlines’ form. Which includes air waybill number 738 ...., airport of departure, airport of destination, airport  of transit (if any), the total number of pieces and size of letters and numbers must be at least of the Vietnam Airlines’ form.

Shipper is responsible for showing sufficient details on labels.

Names and codes of cities and airports of destination and transfer shall be correctly shown.

At least one cargo identification label shall be stuck on each package.

Cargo identification labels of Vietnam Airlines issued two forms, first form is used for all cargo except express cargo, the second form is used for express cargo only.