Marking and Labelling

Marking and labelling of dangerous goods must comply with packing requirements specified in IATA DGR (chapter 7 - Marking and Labelling). Any package without proper marking and labelling in accordance with regulations shall not be accepted for transport.

English must be used to mark outside packages or overpacks of dangerous goods. In case of concerned States or Carriers are requested to mark other languages than English, but not more than two languages, in which English is mandatory requirement.

Dangerous goods hazard labels must be included description by English. In case any language other than English is requested to indicate on dangerous goods labels by concerned states or carriers, this requirement shall be applied. ULDs containing dangerous goods shall be ensured to be attached with ULD tag with sufficient descriptions of dangerous goods such as class, division, etc. in accordance with instructions of chapter 10.

In cargo acceptance areas, Vietnam Airlines assures to provide handling labels to meet requirements of cargo transport by air.