Bicycles and sizeable baggage

Vietnam Airlines transports bicycles and bulky items as checked baggage.

Standard for bulky baggage and bicycles

Bulky baggage is the one that exceeds 32kg/piece and/or has a total 3-dimension length exceeding 203cm/piece. For flights to/from Europe or Australia, a baggage piece weighing more than 32kg will not be accepted for carriage, except for priority cases such as wheelchairs for people with disabilities, medical care equipment, etc. For more information, please contact a Vietnam Airlines branch or Contact Center (at 19001100) at least 72 hours before departure.

Types of bicycles transported as checked baggage include: common bicycles, sports bicycles, motorized bicycles (thermal or electric motor, etc.).


Passengers can see detailed charges for bulky baggage and bicycles here.

Service booking

Passengers in need of transporting bulky baggage and bicycles, please contact Vietnam Airlines branch for service reservation at least 24 hours before departure. For motorized bicycles, please refer to the dangerous goods table.


Bulky baggage must be packed neatly without sharp-pointed edges that may affect the aircraft and other baggage pieces. Bicycles must be packed in a box that satisfies the following requirements: 

  • Handle-bars are positioned along the length direction of the bike;
  • Disassemble and pack bulky parts including: Pedals, lights, mirrors, kickstands, etc.
  • The tires must be flatted before being packed.

Counter check-in

Vietnam Airlines recommends passengers to be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure to ensure sufficient flight check-in time.