Sports baggage

Vietnam Airlines transports sports equipment such as golf sets, skiing/water ski sets, diving equipment, gliders, archery sets, fishing kits, bowling sets, surfboards, surfing kites, surfing sails as checked baggage. Sports equipment should be securely packed with no sharp edges to ensure safety during transport.

Standard for sports equipment

  • Golf Set: golf set includes clubs, balls, shoes, tees.
  • Skiing/water-ski set: includes skis, sticks and ski boots.
  • Diving equipment: diving suits, snorkels, propellers, masks, diving kit equipment such as oxygen cylinders, diving lights, etc. are transported according to the regulations on restricted baggage.
  • Glider: 01 glider set has a maximum size of 250 x 100 x 80cm.
  • Archery set: includes bow, arrow box and repair kit.
  • Fishing kit: includes fishing rods, nets, shoes and fishing supplies.
  • Bowling: includes carrying bags, bowling ball and shoes.
  • Surfboards, surfing kites, surfing sails: the length does not exceed 250cm.


Passengers can see the details of the charges for golf sets & other sports equipment here.

Service booking

Passengers in need of transporting sports equipment, please contact Vietnam Airlines branch for service reservation at least 24 hours before departure.


Sports equipment must be securely packaged with no sharp edges.

Counter check-in

Vietnam Airlines recommends passengers to be at the airport at least 02 hours before departure to ensure sufficient flight check-in time.