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Da Lat – A little Paris of Vietnam

Located on Lam Vien Highlands at the height of 1,500m from sea level, Dalat is compared to a romantic and elegant lady, adorned with vast patches of beaming radiant blossoms, and drenched in the eerie frost. Dalat is a little Paris, dotted with old fashioned French structures that have survived over a century. The city was the first and most complete resort town of the French in Vietnam, as originally  planned in the first half of the 19th century and also the largest resort town of Indochina.

The scenery

Prenn Pass: Walking along the meandering trek of Prenn Pass encircled by muttering green pine forests, one can play with mischievous rays of the sun that gently dapple through the foliage and fall on the way, touch your shoulders and hair, while breezes swirl and sing a rhyme of natural freshness and inner peace from within.

Prenn Pass leads you to the city center. Here visitors should roam Lang Biang Mountain, Cu Lan Village, strawberry farms, Love Valley, Cau Dat tea hills, Datanla Waterfall, Pongour Waterfall and surrounding pine forests to fully make the most of the city’s superb wilderness.

The Lonesome Pines: Let’s do the check-in by the Lonesome Pines on Thien Phuc Hill or by Dan Kia Lake – Golden Fountain. They are pine trees growing by themselves, which  attract swarms of couples owing to their romantic  surroundings and widespread rumors that every couple after the visit is meant for a split.

Old French structures: A must-see in Dalat is unique French architecture that came to define the cityscape. The Rooster Church, Dalat Pedagogical College, Dalat Train Station, Bao Dai Mansion, etc. are all characterized by  iconic architectural patterns and intriguing anecdotes.

Dalat Train Station: Dalat Train Station is the oldest surviving  one of its kind in Indochina, which saliently blends French architecture and Central Highlands’ recognizable roof structure of communal stilt houses.

Old French villas: At the heart of the city, looming under leafy pine glade are thousands of old villas of the former resort town, which still preserve French essences through their tiles, brick walls and window panes.


Dalat cuisine earned its  reputation  for  snack vendors and unique bazaars. Starchy căn cakes, chicken gizzard wet cakes, avocado ice cream, grilled Vietnamese rice sheets, artichoke soup with steamed pork thigh, Dalat vegetables hotpot and Dalat sturgeon hotpot are some must-tries of the highland city. Amidst the frosty breezes, it’s perfect to take a  lazy stroll through the heart of the town to relish good treats, their signature salty, spicy, fatty and meaty flavor,  Given its moderate climate, Dalat is home to fruit abundance, particularly strawberries. One should definitely pick some strawberry baskets that prove to be so  tempting  to friends and families. Lustrous and velvety red strawberries can melt and sweeten even most hardened mortal hearts. Dalat locals even make zillions of good treats out of strawberries, notably jam, ice cream and shaken strawberry mix to take all gourmands by storm.


In the midst of the breathtaking nature of Lam Vien Highlands, outdoor enthusiasts will definitely be thrilled by various activities like zip lining across Datanla waterfall, climbing Lang Biang, and camping at Cu Lan village. It’s a perfect escape from the hectic city life by laughing out loud in front of the waterfall, feeling joyful after conquering the mountain, and gathering around the campfire. 

At year-end, visitors can enjoy the Dalat Flower Festival. It takes place biannually around Xuan Huong Lake, showcasing thousands of flower species from many regions of the country as well as neighboring countries. Besides, there are plenty of interesting activities like street marching, group weddings, and wine festivals.


Passengers will take a flight to Dalat and arrive at Lien Khuong Airport, around 30km away from the city center and taking 40 to 50 minutes to commute. Buses are available at the terminal gate.  Every 15 to 30 minutes, a bus drops in and charges roughly VND40,000 to 50,000/passenger, from 5.30am to 7pm. Taxis can also be hailed at the terminal gate or along National Highway 20, or motorbike so that strict timing to commute is not needed. Taxis charge from VND400,000 to 500,000/ride while motorbike charge around VND250,000/ride.

Useful tips

  • Travel time November to March

  • Wi-fi 3G/4G

  • Visa Visa exemption for temporary residence of maximum 15 days from the date of entry

  • Contact information

  • Language Vietnamese and English

Flight information

Vietnam Airlines operate a variety of flights to Da Lat, at different frequencies and competitive fares to meet both business and leisurely travel demands. Flights arrive at Lien Khuong Airport, at a frequency from 3 flights/day from Hanoi, 2 flights/day from Ho Chi Minh City, 1 flight/day from Da Nang, 4 flights/week from Hue, 1 flight/day from Haiphong and 3 flights/week from Vinh. Interested passengers should directly search for best ticket fares here.

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