To book an air ticket on the Vietnam Airlines website, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Enter flight information and discount code (if any)

Accessing the website, select the “Book” section. At the “Flight Search” screen:

  • Select “Round Trip”, “One way”, or “Multiple Destinations” depending on your needs.
  • Continue to select departure, destination, flight dates, and number of passengers.
  • After completion, click “Find Flight”.

Notes: Payment currency depends on the country/region that you selected. If you want to pay in another currency, please change the country/region in the toolbar at the top of the website homepage.

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Step 2: Select a flight

On the “Choose Flights” screen, the box with the deep blue-green color shows the cheapest fare for the time being. To display the best flight ticket options, passengers can utilize the "Show Filters" function to change criteria such as price, number of stops, duration, and airline.

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After completing the filtering, select the flight time and ticket class, and then click on the fare box.

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The system will display the fare and fare rules based on the service class selected. Select an acceptable fare by clicking on the appropriate fare box, then click "Confirm and continue". In the case of a "round-trip" flight, passengers perform the steps above for both the departure and return routes.

Notes: The fare displayed includes taxes and fees.

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On the following screen, to display detailed information about the selected flight, passengers click on "Price Summary". Passengers review itinerary information and select "Change flight" if necessary.

After completion:

Click “Continue” if you do not have a Lotusmiles member account;

Alternatively, select "Log in and continue" to receive member benefits when flying with Vietnam Airlines.

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Step 3: Fill in the passenger information

Passengers should make sure to fill out the required fields highlighted with an asterisk:

  • Complete your personal information as indicated on your travel documents. If you are a Lotusmiles member, enter your membership card number.
  • Please enter the correct "Contact Info" so that Vietnam Airlines may contact you to send e-tickets. Passengers can register up to 6 email addresses and 6 phone numbers.
  • Passengers should remember to click to accept Vietnam Airlines' Privacy Policy.
  • After completion, click “Confirm”.

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Step 4: Select ancillary services

Vietnam Airlines provides ancillary services to help passengers enjoy the most convenient flight experience. Ancillary services will appear based on the itinerary selected in Step 1.

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Baggage: On the "Pre-paid Baggages" screen, passengers can add as many pieces of luggage as they require by pressing "+". The price and baggage quantity purchased will be shown right below.

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Special meals & special assistance: Passengers can select services from the suggested list.

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Sky Tea milk tea: Passengers select milk tea based on their taste and press "+" to increase the quantity as needed.

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Seat: Passengers can select their preferred seats with preferential fees. The aircraft seat map will be displayed in color with the legend on the left side.

  • Click to select an available seat from the seat map.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select a seat for another flight on the itinerary.

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After selecting the ancillary services, passengers review the services and prices, then click "Pay".

Step 5: Payment

At the "Payment" screen, please remember to:

  • Read information related to card payments.
  • If a promo code was not entered in Step 1, passengers can apply a promo code at the "Payment" step to enjoy a discount from Vietnam Airlines.
  • The system selects to buy insurance for all passengers by default; If you do not require it, please click "No Thanks".

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Passengers select a payment method, provide the required information, read the related conditions, and make the payment.

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Step 6: Confirm

On the “Confirmation” screen, please review passenger information, reservation code, itinerary details, and included services.

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After completing payment, the system will automatically send a confirmation of the reservation code and electronic ticket to the registered email address. If the confirmation email is not received within one hour of the successful payment, please contact the online ticket help desk at the following address:

  • Email:
  • Phone number:
    • For calls within Vietnam: 1900 1100
    • For calls from outside Vietnam: (+84-24) 38320320
  • Or contact Vietnam Airlines' sales offices for assistance.

If you wish to cancel, refund your ticket, or change your flight immediately after purchasing, simply select the appropriate options.