Advantages & Disadvantages of 3 Ways to Get from Hanoi to Hoi An

Discover how to get from Hanoi to Hoi An! Opt for a scenic flight to Da Nang, then a shuttle or private car to Hoi An. Alternatively, enjoy the diverse landscapes via train or bus.

Hoi An, located in Quang Nam province, is an excellent destination for travelers looking to explore more of Vietnam beyond Hanoi. With a distance of approximately 797km, there are three transportation options to consider: plane, train, and sleeper bus. 

Flights from Hanoi to Danang can cost around USD 30 to USD 100 or more, with additional transportation from the airport to Hoi An costing approximately USD 10 to USD 20. Train tickets range from USD 10 to USD 30, while additional transportation from Da Nang to Hoi An, such as a taxi or bus, can cost around USD 5 to USD 10. Direct bus services typically cost between USD 15 to USD 25 for a one-way ticket.

This article aims to provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport, helping passengers choose the most suitable option for a memorable travel experience in Vietnam.

Hanoi to Hoi An by Plane

The quickest way to travel from Hanoi to Hoi An is by taking a flight, with a flight duration ranging from approximately one to two hours. In fact, Hoi An does not have an airport so you would be arriving at Da Nang International Airport instead. This isn’t a massive deal-breaker as the distance from Da Nang International Airport to Hoi An is only around 37km, but it does add time to your journey – an hour to an hour and a half travel time from the airport into the center of Hoi An.


  • Time-saving. Flying is the fastest mode of transportation, significantly reducing travel time between Hanoi and Hoi An and allowing you to maximize your experience in Hoi An;
  • Convenience. Air travel provides a convenient and hassle-free experience. Airports are usually well-connected, and there are multiple daily flights between Hanoi and Da Nang. This offers flexibility in terms of choosing departure and arrival times that best suit your schedule;
  • Comfortable journey. Airplanes provide comfortable seating and amenities, allowing you to relax during the flight. You can enjoy a smooth journey with in-flight services such as meals, entertainment options, and onboard facilities.


  • Cost. Air travel can be relatively more expensive compared to other modes of transportation, such as buses or trains;
  • Airport Transfers. Airports are usually located outside the city centers, which means you will need to arrange transportation from Hanoi city center to Noi Bai International Airport and from Da Nang International Airport to Hoi An. This may cause inconvenience for some customers. 

Traveling by plane is suitable for individuals with limited time who want to optimize their visit to Hoi An and can benefit from flying. Moreover, for families with children and the elderly, air travel is the best option because it offers modern amenities, comfortable seating, and the opportunity to relax during the journey.

You can be confident that there is no need to worry or be anxious when choosing Vietnam Airlines. By taking advantage of the year-round fantastic deals on Vietnam Airlines tickets, you can strategically plan your travel to secure affordable fares, ensuring a budget-friendly and enjoyable journey. 

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Vietnam Airlines

Flights from Hanoi to Hoi An by plane will land at Da Nang International Airport.

Hanoi to Hoi An by Train

For tourists traveling from Hanoi to Hoi An, opting for the train is another recommendation. Multiple trains depart from Hanoi daily, offering different seat classes, ticket prices, and excellent services. However, it's important to note that there is also no direct train route from Hanoi to Hoi An. Instead, you'll need to take a train to Da Nang and then find another mode of transportation to reach Hoi An.

The train from Hanoi to Da Nang takes around 16 hours, then traveling to Hoi An takes around 45 minutes.


  • Scenic journey. The route from Hanoi to Hoi An offers picturesque landscapes and glimpses of rural life, providing a unique travel experience. Therefore, train travel allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Vietnamese countryside during the journey;
  • Affordable option. Train tickets are often budget-friendly, making it a cost-effective choice for travelers on a tighter budget. Yet, when compared to airfare tickets, the price difference is trivial.


  • Longer travel duration. Train travel takes considerably more time compared to flying. The journey from Hanoi to Hoi An can take around 15-17 hours, which might not be suitable for travelers with limited time or those seeking a quicker mode of transportation;
  • Potential for crowded trains. Trains in Vietnam can sometimes be crowded, especially during busy travel periods. This might affect the overall comfort of the journey, particularly if you prefer a more spacious and peaceful travel experience.

Train travel from Hanoi to Hoi An is suitable for a wide range of passengers, including budget-conscious travelers, nature enthusiasts, slow travel enthusiasts, eco-conscious travelers, and adventure seekers but not for the elderly or kids. Moreover, you should book sleeper class tickets, which bring comfort, privacy, and bedding amenities for sleeping during the journey. Thus it is more suitable for a long journey from Hanoi to Hoi An. For the safest journey, you can purchase tickets online through the Vietnam Railways website.

The coastal area in the central of vietnam

Train rides across the coastal area in the central of Vietnam. 

Hanoi to Hoi An by Sleeper Bus

Another transportation option for traveling from Hanoi to Hoi An is by taking a sleeper bus. The Hanoi - Hoi An - Quang Nam route is about 832km on average, and there are 5 turns from 6:00 to 21:30. 

The total travel time when traveling from Hanoi to Hoi An with a sleeper bus is about 18 hours.


  • Cost-effective. Sleeper buses are often a more affordable option compared to flying or taking the train;
  • Direct route. Sleeper buses often provide a direct route from Hanoi to Hoi An, eliminating the need for transfers or additional transportation. 


  • Overnight travel. Most sleeper buses operate during nighttime, allowing passengers to sleep during the journey and arrive in Hoi An the next morning. Therefore, travelers cannot enjoy all the glorious coastal scenery en route;
  • Limited legroom and space. The space can be limited compared to trains or flights. Taller passengers may find it less spacious and may need to adjust their comfort expectations accordingly;
  • Longer travel duration. Lying or sitting for a long time will make you feel exhausted.

To travel from Hanoi to Hoi An, there are various sleeper bus companies available. You can book a bus ticket through reputable online platforms like, or Bookaway. Alternatively, visit local travel agencies in Hanoi or the bus terminals, such as My Dinh or Giap Bat, to purchase tickets directly. Plan ahead, especially during peak seasons, as sleeper buses can be in high demand.

Sleeper buses are suitable for budget-conscious travelers who value cost savings, are comfortable with overnight travel, and prioritize convenience. It's important to evaluate personal preferences, comfort levels, and individual needs when deciding if traveling from Hanoi to Hoi An by sleeper bus is the right choice for you. 

Sleeper bus

Sleeper bus

In conclusion, air travel has become increasingly popular due to its outstanding advantages. Beyond time efficiency, flying also offers a comfortable environment with various services to enhance the overall travel experience. Additionally, the opportunity to witness breathtaking views of the landscape adds to the enjoyment of the journey. 

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