Flights cancellation terms and conditions

Flights cancellation terms and conditions:

What is the flight cancellation? 

  • Flight cancellation is the cancellation of 01 or more sectors in your itinerary. The tickets are kept for later use.

When should you cancel your flights?

  • If you do not take a flight as planned, cancel it immediately after changing your mind to avoid a Noshow fee which is applied for passengers who noshow or cancel their flights within 3 hours prior to departure time.
  • The ancillaries if any are non-changable/non-refundable. Tickets with Non-changeable/Non-refundable condition are not allowed to rebook/refund after you cancel your flights.
    Please see the fare conditions here.
  • If your flight sector has PVI travel insurance, please contact PVI Insurance Company via email to request change / refund of insurance documents. Changes / refunds of insurance documents will be subject to the terms of the insurance package purchased.

How to rebook your flights:

  • To rebook your flights, please contact the issuing offices or our Contact Center within the validity period of the ticket.
  • Call within Vietnam: 1900 1100
  • Call from abroad to Vietnam: +84 24 38320320
  • For tickets purchased on the website / App of Vietnam Airlines, you can send a rebook request to email