Vietnam Airlines' App

Experience with Vietnam Airlines App

Traveling is easier than ever with Vietnam Airlines App - the travel assistant available at your fingertips.

Outstanding features

Flight information, route network, and airport maps

Passengers can quickly look up Vietnam Airlines' flight schedule and route map, then select a suitable flight itinerary.

Interactive real-time airport maps make it easy for passengers to find amenities at 10 Vietnam domestic airports and 65 international airports.

Buy tickets & ancillaries

Purchasing tickets or ancillaries on the Vietnam Airlines app is extremely quick and convenient.

Promotion/special offers

Passengers will get notifications of special offers via our mobile app. The function of displaying discount codes according to flight information enable passengers to search and use the codes easily when purchasing tickets.

VNA Chatbot

VNA Chatbot is available 24/7 to assist and answer any passengers' queries about travel information, tickets, payment, etc.

Passenger information administration

The passenger information administration function (My profile) is beneficial to:

• Save time for passengers and companions to enter information with the system capacity of information identification and integration;
• Track your flight history and buy ancillaries.

Online check-in

Passengers can not only check in online with ease, but also save their boarding pass in the form of QR code. With our mobile app’s function of sending check-in time notifications, passengers can be active in check-in and planning for their upcoming trips.

Entertainment program

Vietnam Airlines app offers passengers a wide range of entertainment options:

• Unlimited recreation with the FPT Play exceptional entertainment app

• Elevate your reading experience with the Press Reader app that offers the world's top 7,000 newspapers and magazines in 60 languages.

Features for Lotusmiles Members

Manage Lotusmiles account information such as changing password, changing app interface color according to the membership card tier.

Quickly check the current accumulated miles and submit request for miles accumulation.

Redeem miles for tickets, baggages, tech gifts, home appliances, and other useful products with just a few clicks.

Purchase additional miles or qualifying flights, buy & transfer miles, and renew & restore bonus miles.