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Flight Pass Option

Vietnam Airlines, in collaboration with Optiontown, presents Flight Pass Option (FPO) that allows passengers to conveniently pre-purchase flights at a LOW PRICE and book flights later. The more flights are purchased, the cheaper they are. No matter where or how often, Flight Pass allows passengers to minimize their total flying costs by locking-in low fares and avoiding future fare increases. Book any flight with no additional cost, subject to your advance booking limit, travel date restrictions and Flight Pass rules. Only non-stop round-trip bookings can be made with Flight Pass. Passengers can buy Flight Pass for all Vietnam Domestic, Northeast Asia, Indochina and Southeast Asia destinations. With Flight Pass, passengers can fly more, pay upto 50% less, save time in trip planning and booking, and enhance their travel convenience. 

FPO is officially presented on website vietnamairlines.optiontown.com. By using this website, passengers agree to read carefully and understand the information displayed, and agree to the Terms of Service and Conditions of Use.

Passengers can contact Optiontown directly for further assistance:

Australia    :   +61 2 9037 0137

UK            :   +44 203 3183548

Email        :   customercare@optiontown.com

Design your own Vietnam Airlines Flight Pass:
1. Travel Zones
Add any one or more of the Vietnam Domestic, Northeast Asia, Indochina and Southeast Asia destinations to your Flight Pass.
2. Number of passengers
Choose between 1 to 9 passengers wishing to travel using Flight Pass
3. Number of flights
Choose between 4 to 100 flights within a single Flight Pass.
4. Flight Pass Duration 
Choose the time between 1 month to 12 months for a Flight Pass.
5. Advance booking
Choose between 6 Hours to 180 days in advance to book your flights.
6. Travel period
Choose Depart Any Day/Time (flexibility to travel on all dates/times) or Day/Time Window
(travel not permitted on some dates/times) as per your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VNA Holiday

Vietnam Airlines is proud to offer vacation packages at special prices so that passengers can enjoy the very best accommodation across Vietnam and internationally. 


To find more information about Vietnam Airlines' terms & conditions, please read Legal section.

Rail & Fly

DB with Vietnam Airlines


1. First enter “Railway Germany” or “QYG” on the booking page under From/To location. 

2. The train departure times listed on Vietnam Airlines’ website are only an example. The actual times can be checked at https://check-in.accesrail.com.

3. Passengers receive an open ticket valid for two days. The rail journey can only be made on the day before the flight’s departure from Germany, the day of the flight’s departure or the day of the flight’s arrival in Germany and the following day.

4. Passengers will receive an additional confirmation email for your flight booking which will include your DB pick-up number. Please use this number with your name to download and print out your train ticket from www.bahn.de within 72 hours of departure or download your ticket to your mobile device at www.accesrail.com. Passengers can also print your ticket at a DB vending machine when transferring. Please note, if  the ticket has been downloaded from www.bahn.de or www.accesrail.com, passengers cannot also pick-up ticket at a DB vending machine. Passengers are required to hold the valid DB train ticket when boarding the train.

5. Your printed Rail and Fly ticket, your valid passport and your travel itinerary are the documents needed for the train journey. Please note that the train ticket can only be used in conjunction with a Vietnam Airlines’ flight (see Step 3). 

1. How can I purchase a DB train ticket?

To purchase a DB train ticket as part of a Vietnam Airlines’ flight ticket, choose “Railway Germany (QYG)” in the dropdown menu for departure or arrival point. The train segment will be included in your itinerary. It is not possible to add train segments afterwards.

2. How do I get my train ticket?

There are two ways of obtaining your train ticket: you can download your Rail & Fly ticket onto your mobile device or get a ticket from a DB vending machine. Passengers are required to hold the valid DB train ticket when boarding the train. To download your mobile ticket, go to https://check-in.accesrail.com and enter your name and ticket number/reservation number. We recommend to print your mobile ticket just in case. Please note that if passengers choose to download Rail & Fly tickets at https://check-in.accesrail.com, the pickup option from a DB vending machine will be deactivated.

To obtain a valid train ticket from a DB vending machine passengers should give your pick-up number to receive your ticket. Passengers will receive this number by email; if not, please contact Vietnam Airlines. The train ticket fare is included in your Vietnam Airlines’ flight fare and is only valid in conjunction with your flight ticket. Train tickets are valid one day before or on the day of departure/arrival. Make sure that DB long-distance ticket vending machines can be found at your departure station and that passengers arrive well in advance to obtain the train tickets.

Train tickets with DB pick-up numbers can be obtained at the earliest 3 days (72 hours) prior to departure. The same applies for the return journey (from the airport to your destination within Germany).

Please note that before your tickets are picked up, your itinerary will show place-holder train numbers (starting with 9B), departure points (QYG) and times for the train segment, which are not a valid ticket.

3. I want to rebook. What should I do?

If rebooking before the train ticket is collected, a new DB pick-up number will be generated. The passenger must get the new DB pick up number from airline customer service. 

If rebooking after the train ticket has been collected or downloaded, the train ticket must be changed at a DB Travel Center at the train station.

4. When can I use my train ticket?

The train tickets are valid one day before or on the day of departure/arrival. Contact a DB Travel Center or visit https://check-in.accesrail.com for the real departure time of train connections on the actual travel date.

5. Can I reserve a seat on the train?

For train seat reservation (with a fee), contact DB Travel Center or visit https://check-in.accesrail.com for more information.

6. Will my baggage be automatically transferred between the train and the plane?

No. Passengers will need to move your luggage from the train to the airport and go through airport baggage drop and security as usual.

7. What should I do if my train is late or I miss my train?

Please visit https://www.bahn.de for more details. 
Passengers should make sure the connecting time between train and flight segment is at least 2 hours. If not, Vietnam Airlines is not liable for flight and train connection.

TGV AIR with Vietnam Airlines

Your travel to Indochina and Asia is much easier with Vietnam Airlines and TGV AIR.

18 cities in France connected to the Vietnam Airlines network.

In partnership with SNCF (French train network), Vietnam Airlines offers passengers a combined Train + Air ticket, enabling the departure from 18 cities in France, including Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Lille, to connect with Charles de Gaulle-Roissy train station to take your Vietnam Airlines flight.

TGV AIR permits to connect to Vietnam Airlines 13 weekly flights from CDG2E to Vietnam and beyond to its Asian network.

  • 21 domestic destinations in Vietnam
  • 30 international destinations with connecting points in Vietnam
  • TGV-air-product

TGV AIR - Advantages for the passengers  

• Advantageous and all-inclusive fare train + flight
• Only one reservation for your entire journey – Vietnam Airlines and TGV AIR
• Services available for individuals and groups
• Guaranteed connections*, for both onward and return journey - If passengers miss your connection, or your plane or train is delayed, Vietnam Airlines and SNCF guarantee a place on board the next available flight or train at no extra charge.

* We do not guarantee connections for passengers with separate train and plane tickets in case of delay or cancellation.


• It is NOT possible to add the TGV AIR product to a flight ticket already bought.


• Passengers must arrive at the TGV AIR counter in the departure train station at the earliest 24 hours before the departure of its train and at least 20 minutes before.
• The check-in and withdrawal of the train ticket at the TGV AIR counter before boarding the train IS COMPULSORY on both the onward and return journey. Failure to do so might result in a fine from SNCF, that can’t be reimbursed.
• On arrival at CDG airport, the passengers must check-in at Vietnam Airlines counter.
• For safety reasons, the check-in of baggage can only be done once at the airport.