Premium Economy cuisine

Economy Class menus offer quality meals with a harmonious combination of Vietnamese delicacies and the world's finest cuisines. Our chefs are always meticulous in ingredient preparation, cooking, and gorgeous food presentation.

Perfectly complementing the flavors of the dishes, Vietnam Airlines serves a variety of drinks. Featured drinks are the welcome ones and wines from many world-famous vineyard regions.

The Menu Preview feature is available for flights between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and international flights that last more than three hours.

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Food menu

The Premium Economy Class meal menu is compelling, diverse, and harmoniously combining culinary essence from many countries around the world, notably famous dishes from Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, etc. The meals are meticulously prepared, cooked, and presented by our chefs.

To ensure energy and nutrition for passengers, Vietnam Airlines serves two meals on long-haul flights and additional snacks (depending on the itinerary). Please contact the staff if there is an allergy concern or pre-order a Special Meal for a more complete flight experience.


  • Itinerary of over 1 hour and 30 minutes: Hot meals are served;
  • Itineraries from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes: Snacks (sandwiches) are served;
  • Itinerary of less than 1 hour and 15 minutes: No meal service;
  • Meal menus may vary depending on time, season, aircraft type, route, and some other objective conditions.

Special meals

Green rice sweet soup is a typical dessert of Northern Vietnam. It has a sweet taste and a delicate aroma that reminds people of the autumn days in Hanoi. Cooking green rice sweet soup is not difficult but requires the cook to be meticulous, careful, and have a delicate culinary taste. Besides the traditional green rice sweet soup, Hanoians also add lotus seeds, green beans, or taro to enhance the attractiveness and offer more options for people of different ages.
On Vietnam Airlines flights, soup bowls are fragrant, mildly sweet, and moderately condensed, shimmering with the yellow color of green beans, mixed with the green color of rice in the white color of coconut milk. Green rice grains must be plump, firm, and fragrant with the scent of young rice. The new green rice seeds contain a lot of nutrients such as plant-based protein, starch, carbohydrates, calcium, etc. helping improve digestion and preventing cardiovascular disease. Especially, the minerals and vitamins contained in fresh green rice also help women beautify their skin and prevent aging.

Drink menu

Enhancing the flavor of the meals with a diverse collection of drinks selected by Vietnam Airlines will bring passengers memorable experiences.

Welcome drinks: Including purified water and canned fruit juices (orange, apple).

Drinks after the aircraft reaches a steady altitude: Vietnam Airlines serves a variety of drinks on flights, including cocktails, wine, beer, carbonated soft drinks, canned juices, and milk. In addition, passengers can choose tea, coffee, and purified water.


  • Wine is only served on flights longer than 3 hours;
  • Cocktail is only served on flights longer than 4 hours and 30 minutes, except for India;
  • Drink menus may vary depending on time, season, aircraft type, route, and some other objective conditions.

Special drink

Vietnam Airlines proudly introduces premium wines exclusive to Premium Economy Class passengers:
Les Jardins de Rochegude red wine: Made from Shiraz/Syrah and Braucol grape varieties, with a dark red color and seductive floral aroma, is a perfect choice to have with chicken, fish, seafood, or salad.
Bois Bousquet-Mauzac Sauvignon white wine: A representative from France, the Mauzac-Sauvignon grape variety combines with lemon and grapefruit, creating a fresh green-yellow color and balanced flavor.
Clasico Ventisquero Chardonnay white wine: Possesses a distinctive fragrance with tropical fruits such as citrus, lemon, pineapple, green apple, and gentle floral aromas. Clasico Ventisquero Chardonnay has a straw-yellow color, moderate acidity, balanced flavors, and clear sweetness. Drinks from the Casablanca Valley region (Chile) are often served with seafood or cheese.