Economy Class cuisine

With the mission to promote Vietnamese cuisine to international passengers, Vietnam Airlines frequently creates and innovates economy-class menus suitable to seasons and routes so that each flight gives passengers a different culinary experience. 

Not only impressed by worldwide cuisines, but passengers will also be served a variety of drinks from tea, and coffee to carbonated drinks, beer, and wine.

Meal Menu

Economy Class offers passengers quality meals with a harmonious combination of Vietnamese delicacies and world cuisine. Depending on itineraries, the menu will be frequently innovated and improved to deliver delicious, nutritious meals on each flight.

Meals are served when the aircraft reaches a steady altitude. Please contact the staff if there is an allergy concern or pre-order a Special Meal for a more complete flight experience.


  • Meal menus may vary depending on time, season, aircraft type, route, and some other objective conditions.
  • The image below is for the purpose of illustration only.

Signature dish

A croissant is a layered cake made from flour, yeast, butter, milk, and salt. After processing with a special recipe, the finished product is a fragrant cake with the smell of butter mixed in each layer of spongy, crispy cake. When eating, the cake can be split into small thin layers. The inside is not dense but hollow.
Croissants are very suitable for afternoon tea, a snack, or enjoyed with coffee for a more inspirational breakfast. On Vietnam Airlines flights, layered cakes are often served for breakfast, giving passengers a new day full of energy.

Drink menu

Vietnam Airlines serves a variety of drinks on flights, including alcoholic drinks such as cocktails, wine, beer, carbonated soft drinks, canned juices, and milk. In addition, passengers can choose tea, coffee, and purified water.


  • Wine is only served on flights longer than 3 hours;
  • Drink menus may vary depending on time, season, aircraft type, route, and some other objective conditions.
  • The image below is to illustrate the Economy Class drinks.

Special drink

Economy Class passengers on international flights will enjoy premium wines from world-renowned vineyards.
Les Jardins de Rochegude red wine: Made from Shiraz/Syrah and Braucol grape varieties, with a dark red color and seductive floral aroma, is a perfect choice to have with chicken, fish, seafood, or salad.

Bois Bousquet-Mauzac Sauvignon white wine: A representative from France, the Mauzac-Sauvignon grape variety combines with lemon and grapefruit, creating a fresh green-yellow color and balanced flavor.

Clasico Ventisquero Chardonnay white wine: Possesses a distinctive fragrance with tropical fruits such as citrus, lemon, pineapple, green apple, and gentle floral aromas. Clasico Ventisquero Chardonnay has a straw-yellow color, moderate acidity, balanced flavors, and clear sweetness. Drinks from the Casablanca Valley region (Chile) are often served with seafood or cheese.