Redeem miles for VinID points

VinID points can be used at all of Vingroup’s businesses in the country. Members can use VinID points when shopping online and paying via the VinID app, paying invoices at WinMart and WinMart+, paying for health care invoices at Vinmec International Hospital, and paying travel and vacation expenses at Vinpearl.

Mile redemption for VinID points is a partnership program between Vietnam Airlines and Vingroup. Accordingly, members can convert their accumulated miles to VinID points for shopping purposes.


  • Applicable to Lotusmiles members with EKYC-validated VinID account.
  • Applicable to VinID physical card holders; mile conversion only applies to the person performing the transaction.
  • The amount to redeem VinID points is 5,000 miles per transaction minimum and 100,000 miles per year maximum.
  • Redemption value: 20 Lotusmiles miles = 100 VinID points.

Refer to the VinID - Vietnam Airlines redemption program here.

Guide for redeeming miles for VinID points

Refer to the steps to redeem miles for VinID points here.

Converting miles for TCBS iXu

TCBS iXu is a dedicated bonus point for investors at Techcom Securities (TCBS), a subsidiary of Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) specializing in financial consulting and stock brokerage.

Members may link a Lotusmiles account to a TCBS stock account for the iXu exchange. TCBS iXu can be used to get cash, purchase fund certificates at TCBS, convert to VinID for shopping or use iXu to give to friends and relatives.


  • Applicable to individual customers in Vietnam.
  • Bonus mile redemption value: 20 miles = 1 iXu

Guide for redeeming miles for TCBS iXu

Refer to the steps to redeem miles for TCBS iXU here.

Redeem miles for LotusMall

LotusMall is a commercial gift offer site for Lotusmiles members. LotusMall offers a variety of commodities such as: Household appliances, travel accessories, tech gadgets, perfume and cosmetics, health care, insurance, mother and baby products, books and stationery, etc.

At the LotusMall website, members can shop and redeem gifts in various forms of payment, including the LotusMall Gift Redemption Program.


  • Members need to accumulate 3,000 bonus miles for shopping at LotusMall.
  • Apply only to the members who have Vietnam-registered phone number and address to receive the gift, and conduct the redemption transaction in Vietnam.

Guide for redeeming miles for LotusMall awards

Refer to the steps to redeem miles for LotusMall awards here.

Support contact

For prompt support, please contact one of the following channels:

Lotusmiles member care center
Contact Vietnam Airlines’ branch offices