Guide for Lotusmiles membership registration on Vietnam Airlines app

Step 1: Access and fill in the information

Passengers download and access the Vietnam Airlines app, then select "Sign up" at the top.

Hướng dẫn đăng ký hội viên trên app 01.

  • At the Personal Information window, select a title, enter full name, and date of birth, select language, then click "Continue".
  • At the Contact Information window, fill in the address, phone number, and email address and click "Continue". Please remember the phone number and email address to log in to the account after successful registration.

Step 2: Read the rules, terms, and policies

  • At the Conditions window, read the information and select "OK". to agree.
  • At the Additional Information window, enter a promotional code or Lotusmiles card number of a referring member (if any), then check the checkbox to agree and click “Sign up".

Hướng dẫn đăng ký hội viên trên app 02.

Step 3: Confirm, change the password, and enjoy the membership benefits

After receiving a card number and link to the registered email address, proceed to change the account password. The account has been successfully activated at this time. Welcome to the Lotusmiles Program!

If you do not receive an email, please check your spam, junk, or promotional mailbox or contact the Lotusmiles help desk at the email

Hướng dẫn đăng ký hội viên trên app 03.