Surcharges by Vietnam Airlines

Passenger surcharge (YQ code)

Passenger surcharge (YQ code) applies to international itineraries with surcharge level depending on the itinerary, ticketing point, and ticket class.

System administration surcharge (YR code)

System administration surcharge is the cost for maintenance of data administration system related to passengers' flight itineraries. System administration surcharge applies to tickets purchased on Vietnam Airlines' website/mobile app or at sales offices, official agencies in Vietnam market.

The system administration surcharge level is as follows:

  • Vietnam domestic itineraries: VND 450,000/segment (inclusive of VAT).
  • International itineraries departing from Vietnam: USD 7 per segment.

Ticket sales surcharge of Vietnam Airlines sales offices in Vietnam

Ticket sales surcharge applies only to passengers purchasing tickets at Vietnam Airlines sales offices in Vietnam.

  • Vietnam domestic itineraries (inclusive of VAT):
    1. Economy Class: VND 50,000/sector.
    2. Business Class: VND 90,000/sector.
  • Between Vietnam and Southeast Asia/Indochina:
    1. Economy Class: USD 7/ticket.
    2. Business Class: USD 17/ticket.
  • Between Vietnam and Northeast Asia/Middle East:
    1. Economy Class: USD 15/ticket.
    2. Business Class: USD 30/ticket.
  • Between Vietnam and Europe, Australia, U.S.
    1. Economy Class: USD 30/ticket.
    2. Business Class: USD 50/ticket.
  • Other itineraries:
    1. Economy Class: USD 15/ticket.
    2. Business Class: USD 30/ticket.

Ticket sales surcharge can only be refunded in case of involuntary refund and force majeure refund.

Ticket sales surcharge of Vietnam Airlines sales offices in foreign countries

Please contact Vietnam Airlines’ sales offices in foreign countries.

Weekend ticketing surcharge applies to individual passenger from/to Japan

Weekend ticketing surcharge will be charged to the fare and collected at the time of ticket issuance.

Applicable to tickets issued from January 10, 2019 and travel from April 01, 2019:

  • For itineraries from Japan to Vietnam on Saturdays/Sundays/Mondays.
  • For itineraries from Vietnam to Japan on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays.

For tickets issued before the above valid date but reissued after the valid date, the above surcharge will still be paid. The surcharge level (applicable by segment) is as follows:

  • Economy and Premium Economy Class: JPY 2,000 (except for Economy Lite class).
  • Business Class: JPY 4,000.