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Flight Pass Option

Vietnam Airlines, in collaboration with Optiontown, presents Flight Pass Option (FPO) that allows passengers to conveniently pre-purchase flights at a LOW PRICE and book flights later. The more flights are purchased, the cheaper they are. No matter where or how often, Flight Pass allows passengers to minimize their total flying costs by locking-in low fares and avoiding future fare increases. Book any flight with no additional cost, subject to your advance booking limit, travel date restrictions and Flight Pass rules. Only non-stop round-trip bookings can be made with Flight Pass. Passengers can buy Flight Pass for all Vietnam Domestic, Northeast Asia, Indochina and Southeast Asia destinations. With Flight Pass, passengers can fly more, pay upto 50% less, save time in trip planning and booking, and enhance their travel convenience. 

FPO is officially presented on website vietnamairlines.optiontown.com. By using this website, passengers agree to read carefully and understand the information displayed, and agree to the Terms of Service and Conditions of Use.

Passengers can contact Optiontown directly for further assistance:

Australia    :   +61 2 9037 0137

UK            :   +44 203 3183548

Email        :   customercare@optiontown.com

Design your own Vietnam Airlines Flight Pass:
1. Travel Zones
Add any one or more of the Vietnam Domestic, Northeast Asia, Indochina and Southeast Asia destinations to your Flight Pass.
2. Number of passengers
Choose between 1 to 9 passengers wishing to travel using Flight Pass
3. Number of flights
Choose between 4 to 100 flights within a single Flight Pass.
4. Flight Pass Duration 
Choose the time between 1 month to 12 months for a Flight Pass.
5. Advance booking
Choose between 6 Hours to 180 days in advance to book your flights.
6. Travel period
Choose Depart Any Day/Time (flexibility to travel on all dates/times) or Day/Time Window
(travel not permitted on some dates/times) as per your needs.
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