Passengers with disabilities

Passenger With Disabilities

Vietnam Airlines continuously improves our special service quality to bring the best experience to our passengers with disabilities.

Passengers will be assisted by ground staff to disembark complete necessary procedures.

Passenger and the escort to be seated on assigned seat number and instructed safety regulations.

At the airport, special service passengers are accepted for carriage so long as they adhere to principles, conditions, and medical clearance required:

  • Advance reservation and confirmed by Vietnam Airlines.
  • All required documents are legally adapted.
  • Passengers are in stable health status and fit to travel by air.
  • The carriage of the MEDA passenger does not affect the safety of the aircraft, cabin crew, or other passengers, or their property.

Passengers need to provide the documents below before traveling with Vietnam Airlines:

  • MEDIF I: Medical Clearance Form - Part I: should be filled in.
  • MEDIF II: Medical Information Form - Part II Guidance to the physicians should be brought to medical centers for health status certification.
Special services Document completion time
Passenger requiring a stretcher and/or oxygen Within 7 days before the departure of each sector
Passenger requiring medical services
Others Within 14 days before the departure of each sector


Special service passengers requiring medical clearance are not required to travel with an escort when:

  • Not being in serious status, being able to comfort themselves with their illness, being certified to travel by themselves by medical centers.
  • Being able to move, feed, and care for themselves during the flight.

Before the flight, passengers requiring medical clearance are required to make reservation in advance at Vietnam Airlines‘ branch offices or by filling-in the online form.

See more details on special service charges here.

Passengers requiring medical clearance include:

  • Passengers requiring Oxygen services.
  • Passengers requiring stretcher service.
  • Passengers bringing with their own syringes or hypodermic needles on board.
  • Pregnant passengers or passengers requiring special medical care.
  • For more details about passengers requiring medical clearance, please click here. These requirements are not applied to flights to/from the U.S.