• Passengers declare information to receive VAT e-invoice within 72h after completing ticket and add-on service purchase.
  • VAT e-invoices are only issued for payments in VND.
  • Notes: Itinerary/e-ticket receipt can be used as a VAT invoice. However, since November 1, 2020, itinerary/e-ticket receipt has not been considered a VAT invoice for reimbursement, tax deduction with tax agencies or corporates.

Instructions on VAT e-invoice issuance

A passenger get a VAT e-invoice issued in either of the following ways:

Option 1 - Visit the Declare for VAT e-invoice page

Step 1: Passengers visit the Declare for VAT e-invoice page and fill in the required information.

Step 2: Confirm the information and select the Register.

Step 3: The system confirms the successful registration; the e-invoice will be sent to the passenger's email address within 02 days from the date of registration completion.

Option 2 - Access “Manage Booking" on Vietnam Airlines’ website/mobile app

Step 1: Passengers visit Vietnam Airlines website/app, at “Manage Booking”, select tab "Reservation Code/Ticket Number", then fill Reservation Code/Ticket Number and Last Name, and click “Search”, continue select “Add Service”.

Step 2: At “Manage Booking”, passengers scroll to the “Post-sales help” and select “Invoice issuance:.

Step 3: Passengers will be redirected to the Declare for e-Invoice page. There, passengers follow the instructions as in Option 1 above.