Passengers requiring medical clearance

Passengers carrying personal medical equipment including syringes, nebulizers, ventilators, oxygen concentrators, breathing air purifiers, blood pressure monitors, suction machines, positive air pressure pumps, and wheelchairs need to comply with the regulations for handheld electronic devices and wheelchairs & mobility aids.

Passengers use in-flight services provided by Vietnam Airlines including:

Please refer to other cases requiring medical clearance.

Preparation of medical documents

For medical clearance before a flight, passengers should prepare the following documents:

  • Medical Clearance Form (Part 1) – MEDIF I: Passengers self-declare and sign for confirmation.
  • Medical Clearance Form (Part 2) – MEDIF II and Guidance to the Physicians: Passengers bring this form to medical facilities that meet Vietnam Airlines' standards for medical confirmation.
    • In Vietnam: Specialist hospitals, general hospitals, or district-level health centers, private hospitals, family clinics, SOS Clinics;
    • In foreign countries: Legal medical facilities selected by passengers.

Time for medical clearance before a flight

Passengers booking stretchers and oxygen services provided by Vietnam Airlines or bringing medical equipment on the flight need to obtain medical clearance within 07 days of the departure date of each flight sector.

In other cases, passengers need to obtain medical clearance within 14 days of the departure date for each sector.


Vietnam Airlines does not require passengers requiring medical clearance to have a companion if they meet the following conditions:

  • Having non-serious health problems, adapted to their illness, and been certified by a medical facility to be fit to travel by air without a companion.
  • Being able to move, feed, and care for themselves during the flight.

Service booking

Passengers can book the service at the Vietnam Airlines ticket offices or provide information on the form for passengers requiring medical clearance.