As the national airline of Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines is well aware of its responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development of society through community-related activities. For many years, Vietnam Airlines has worked with a variety of domestic and international organizations, businesses, and individuals to promote corporate social responsibility in areas such as the environment, health, and education.Vietnam Airlines believes a company's success and long-term development are determined by more than just revenue and profit figures, but also by the good values the company cultivates through a long-term strategy and actively disseminate it throughout the community and society. On the path to good values, Vietnam Airlines wishes to continue to receive the support of customers and partners to build and develop Vietnam Airlines to be worthy of the title "National Brand for the Community"

Corporate Social Responsibility


To fulfill its commitments in the medical field, Vietnam Airlines has worked with prestigious domestic and international medical organizations to support Vietnamese children. Find out →Here

Donate Miles


As education determines national prosperity, Vietnam Airlines always supports activities aimed at developing high-quality human resources to contribute to the country and humanity.Find out →Here


Environmental protection is one of humanity's most important issues, as it ensures the community's health and quality of life. Vietnam Airlines has taken numerous steps to work with the community to create a good and healthy living environment. Find out →Here

Social Security

Vietnam Airlines has conducted numerous activities to assist communities and individuals facing tough times in life to achieve the goal of social security. As people are the most valuable asset, Vietnam Airlines always takes care of and protects the rights of employees. Find out →Here