Chat with Vietnam Airlines Virtual Assistant (VNA Chatbot)

Convenient to look up and get answers quickly (24/7) for any questions a passenger has regarding itinerary information, ticket purchase, payment, and more.

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Explore VNA Chatbot support capabilities

Look up information about flight tickets and flights

Flight information

Passengers can use VNA Chatbot to check departure/landing times to have a better plan and avoid missing a flight.

Flight ticket information

VNA Chatbot helps passengers check their itinerary information and booking status.

Search for fares

To prepare for the upcoming trip, VNA Chatbot is always available to assist passengers in finding the best fares.

Answer ticket and baggage purchase questions

Ticketing information

  • Schedules

  • Special offers

  • Payment

  • Look up the information about conditions for ticket refund/change

Baggage information

Free baggage standards, carry-on baggage, checked baggage, and information on special baggage such as pets, bicycles, golf equipment, etc.

Instructions on check-in procedures and documents to prepare before your flight.

Tips for effective use of Chatbot

Ask short and clear questions so that the Virtual Assistant can best understand the content required support.

Passengers can look up information from available topics.

If the question is unsolved by VNA Chatbot, passengers will be redirected to a customer support agent.

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