What is mile redemption?

Mile redemption is a dedicated program for Vietnam Airlines Lotusmiles members. Passengers can apply to become a Lotusmiles member here.

Within 3 days of completion of a flight eligible for mile accumulation, the member account will be credited with the accrued miles corresponding to the itinerary taken.

Accumulated miles can be used to:


The mile use program applies to all Lotusmiles members. Members can check their accumulated miles and select suitable awards. Members can access the Lotusmiles Account on the Vietnam Airlines website or app to check the accumulated miles.

If a member does not have enough miles for redemption, the person can buy more miles or receive miles transferred from other members. Guidelines for buying miles here.

If Million Milers, Platinum, Gold, or Titanium members want to get awards for their relatives, please fill in the Redemption Nominee List form.

In case of award authorization, the authorized person should carry an Authorization Letter, his/her own ID/passport, member's ID/passport and the request form for award reception (Request for Airline Award, Request for Other Awards, Redemption Nominee List).

In case of mile gifting, the giver’s ID/passport and mile transfer/purchase forms are required.

If you do not receive any feedback from Vietnam Airlines after 3 days of submitting redemption request, please, contact Lotusmiles Program or Vietnam Airlines branch offices for assistance.

You can check award regulations at Article 8 - Section 4 in Lotusmiles Terms and Conditions.

Support contact

For prompt support, please contact one of the following channels:

Lotusmiles member care center
Contact Vietnam Airlines’ branch offices