Prepaid Baggage

Prepaid baggage allows passengers to purchase additional checked baggage at least 3 hours before departure time via Vietnam Airlines website/app or sales office/agent. With prepaid baggage, passengers can save up to 50% compared to purchasing additional checked baggage at the airport (Excess baggage).

How to buy prepaid baggage

Passengers can purchase up to 15 pieces of prepaid baggage via following channels:

  • Purchase prepaid baggage at Vietnam Airlines sales offices and agents;
  • In the process of booking online via Vietnam Airlines website and mobile app;
  • After ticket issuance, passengers can purchase prepaid baggage at the section of “Manage Booking” - “Buy ancillaries” - “Prepaid baggage”.

Regulations on the weight and size of prepaid baggage

Prepaid baggage must follow the standard piece regulations in terms of size and weight as follows:

  • The maximum weight of a standard piece is 23kg.
  • The maximum total three dimensions of a standard piece is158cm.

Size of VNA prepaid baggage.

When checking in at the airport, if the actual weight or size of checked baggage exceeds the Regulations on free checked baggage and prepaid baggage purchased shall cover the excess baggage.


  • Prepaid baggage applies to tickets of Vietnam Airlines (738) operated by Vietnam Airlines or Pacific Airlines (except for flights operated using ATR 72 aircraft).
  • Prepaid baggage must be purchased at least 03 hours before departure.
  • Prepaid baggage is allowed to change to a new travel date/ itinerary with equal or higher cost. The change must be made at least 03 hours before the departure time of the new flight segment.
  • Prepaid baggage cannot be endorsed, refunded, or exchanged for other services or tickets.
  • Completely unused prepaid baggage associated with a ticket whose itinerary originates in Korea is refundable. The refund fee is 25% of the unused prepaid baggage's value.

Rate of prepaid baggage

To learn about the rules and pricing for prepaid baggage, passengers can use the Baggage Lookup feature or refer to the detailed price list. .

Excess baggage at the airport

When checking in at the airport, excess baggage applies to the following cases:

  • The number of pieces, the weight and/or size of actual checked baggage exceeds the Regulations on free checked baggage and the passenger has not purchased prepaid baggage, or
  • The number of pieces, weight or size of checked baggage exceeds the Regulations on free checked baggage and purchased prepaid baggage, passenger can purchase excess baggage for the exceeding portion.

How to buy excess baggage at the airport

Excess baggage can be purchased at Vietnam Airlines' check-in counters. Excess baggage purchased at the airport is classified into three categories: standard excess baggage pieces, oversized pieces and overweight pieces.

Standard of excess baggage at the airport

Standard excess baggage

On Vietnam domestic and international routes, an excess piece purchased on flights operated by Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines has a maximum weight of 23kg and the total three-dimensional length of a piece must not exceed 158cm.

Oversized piece

The total three-dimension length oversized baggage is between 158cm and 203cm.

Overweight piece

On Vietnam domestic and international routes, an overweight piece is between 23kg and 32kg.

Notes: If one piece exceeds the standard weight, size, the passenger shall pay for the standard excess baggage piece (in addition to free baggage standard, excluding prepaid baggage purchased) + extra rate for overweight + extra rate for oversize.

Rate of excess baggage at the airport

Passengers can find the details of excess baggage rate at the airport here.