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DB with Vietnam Airlines

With joint product from Vietnam Airlines and Deutsche Bahn (DB), passengers can easily travel to 100 domestic destinations in Germany from Frankfurt airport by DB train.

How to buy DB ticket

Step 1: Visit Vietnam Airlines website or mobile app.

Step 2: Fill in the following fields:

  • From/To location : “Frankfurt with Rail&Fly (QYG), Germany”;
  • Departure/Return date;
  • Number of passengers.

Step 3: Select the flight and train.

Step 4: Fill in the passenger information.

Step 5: Select ancillaries and seats.

Step 6: Select a form of payment and check out.

After completing the payment, passengers will receive a confirmation email with information about their flights and a booking reference number of DB train. Please enter this number when checking in online to download DB train tickets.

Note: The correct train departure time displays at the time of checking in online for DB train.

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How to check in online for DB train

Step 1: Visit website

Step 2: Enter the last, middle and first name (the same as the name shown on the flight ticket) and the booking reference number of DB train (or air ticket number).

Step 3: Select the number of passengers (maximum of 5 passengers per each time of check-in).

Step 4: Select departure, destination point and departure time; then select the suitable train.

Step 5: Confirm your email address and select “Check-in”.

Once completed, the system will send DB train tickets to the registered email. Passengers can print or download train tickets to mobile devices.

Passengers should note the following requirements:

  • Check-in should be done after the ticket is issued;
  • Check-in cannot be done more than 180 days prior to the estimated time of departure and must be done 04 hours prior to the estimated time of departure (local time in Germany);
  • Passengers estimate the appropriate departure time of the train to ensure the connection with Vietnam Airlines’ flight. Suggested minimum connecting time is about 04 hours.

At DB train station

At DB train station, passengers present their train ticket confirmation (printed or saved on electronic devices), air ticket that shows train segment and their valid identification documents.

If passengers are unable to present their train ticket confirmation, they have to provide an identity document and the air ticket that shows train segment.

  • If it is determined that the passengers have train ticket checked in, they will be charged 7EUR for a processing fee per each ticket.
  • If it is not determined that passengers have train ticket checked in, they will be charged a fee equivalent to their train fare according to DB’s regulations.

For more information about DB train, please read our Frequently Asked Question - Ancillary.

TGV AIR with Vietnam Airlines

In collaboration with SNCF, Vietnam Airlines provides passengers with a rail & fly service that connects more than 50 domestic and foreign destinations operated by Vietnam Airlines with 18 French cities via TGV Air express train system.

In the event of missing flights, seats are guaranteed for passengers on the next flight or train without paying any extra fees. This offer is only applicable to passengers who buy tickets with the whole itinerary on Vietnam Airlines and TGV Air.

How to buy tickets

  • Step 1: Visit Vietnam Airlines website or application;
  • Step 2: Select departure from/to French domestic destinations;
  • Step 3: Select the appropriate flight and train segment;
  • Step 4: Enter passenger information;
  • Step 5: Select seats and additional services;
  • Step 6: Payment.

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How to check-in

  • Step 1: Passengers must submit their Vietnam Airlines tickets at the SNCF ticket office in order to get a TGV boarding pass;
  • Step 2: Use your TGV boarding pass to self-check in at the "SNCF compostage de billets" machine;
  • Step 3: Passengers show up at Vietnam Airlines check-in counters at Charles de Gaulle airport to check in, and obtain boarding tickets.

Some notes about combined product between Vietnam Airlines and TGV Air

  • Passengers are not allowed to purchase additional TGV AIR products in combination with previously purchased air tickets.
  • Passengers arrive at the TGV AIR counter at the departure station at least 24 hours to 20 minutes before train departure.
  • Checking in and collecting train tickets at the TGV AIR counter before boarding is mandatory for both departure and return journeys. In case of not complying with this regulation, passengers may be fined by SNCF (the fee will not be refunded).