During the 27 years of establishment and development, Vietnam Airlines has always determined our vision, mission - core values as a responsible airline group. We constantly strive for sustainable development, create a friendly working environment, consider employees as the most valuable asset, adhere to environmental protection standards and actively participate in community and society activities.
With practical actions, strong commitment and understanding heart, we spread the good values of sharing, responsibility and love. Vietnam Airlines believe that the cooperation and support of LotuSmiles members, partners and customers is a great synergistic resource to create a better life, a more humane society. and a world of sustainable development.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Fulfilling its commitments in the field of Health - Taking care of public health, over the past decade, Vietnam Airlines has worked with prestigious domestic and foreign medical organizations to bring more smiles, changed lives and good values ​​for Vietnamese children.

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Donate Miles


As education determines national prosperity, Vietnam Airlines always supports activities aimed at developing high-quality human resources to contribute to the country and humanity.Find out →Here


Environmental protection is one of the vital issues of humanity, a factor that ensures the health and quality of life of the community. Vietnam Airlines has actively taken many measures to join hands in building a good and healthy living environment.

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Social Security

Social security is also the goal that Vietnam Airlines aims to help the whole society and individuals who face risks or events to ensure a minimum standard of living and improve living standards. Identifying people as the most valuable asset, Vietnam Airlines always takes care and protects the rights of employees. 

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