Summer is calling! It is a season that can inspire us to step out and get ready for faraway journeys. How can it do that? Let’s find the answer from this Heritage Guide’s May issue of Heritage Magazine. In this issue, you will be fascinated by some insights about the summer in Vietnam’s regions and eager for perfect new destinations here.

Themed “Gift of Summer,” the May issue celebrates summer as a season of flourish with lots of nature’s delicious fresh fruits and people’s warmest hospitality. Across Vietnam, the golden sunlight fosters vibrant blossoms, turning the essence of earth and sky into an abundance of sweet fruits, adding an “invisible” spice to delightful dishes, and imbuing the joy of nature exploration with a complete vacation experience. Who could resist a bowl of fragrant bún riêu, or turn away from a refreshing bowl of bún giấm nuốc? Who could resist the allure of a multi-layered chè dessert infused with the aroma of coconut water? Who wouldn’t eagerly step onto the gentle shores of the azure sea? And who wouldn’t feel excitement amidst the serene green forests?
In the Heritage Guide “Gift of Summer” edition, summer becomes a lovely season of “abundant discoveries and journeys to savor moments of happiness with companions.”
Beyond summer travel recommendations in Vietnam, this issue will explore the distinctive culinary habits of different regions. Have you noticed that while Hanoians combat the heat with “sour flavors,” Hue residents create an array of refreshing cold dishes? And in Saigon, rain prompts a wholehearted indulgence in delicious food. There’s even more to discover within the pages of this 52-page handbook.
Passengers and travel enthusiasts can read the “Heritage Guide: Gift of Summer” on Vietnam Airlines flights from May 15, 2024, or download the electronic version of this publication to their phones from the Heritage website.