Vietnam Airlines has entered the partnership with Vingroup to created benefits and bring a new trend in consumerism to Lotusmiles members.
Lotusmiles members can enjoy services rendered by outlets under Vingroup network, such as Winmart, Winmart +, Vinmec, Vinschool, Vinpearl, Vinfast etc. and easily earn VinID points.
Lotusmiles members can make conversions between VinID points and Lotusmiles miles at the following rates:
     • 100 VinID point = 3 Lotusmiles miles

The minimum redemption is 5,000 miles/transaction and the maximum is 100,000 miles per year.

Instructions on converting VinID points for Lotusmiles miles:

- Access VinID account via the app, select “Vietnam Airlines voucher”, select Lotusmiles miles and press “Redeem now” button.

- Press the “Confirm” button after checking the points and miles
- Enter details of the mile recipient, including “Name, Lotusmiles card number”
- Press the button “Confirm” to finish transaction. 

+ The transaction of exchanging VinID points to Lotusmiles miles can be done online
+ Members can only convert VinID points to Lotusmiles miles at their own account.