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Agency Debit Credit Policy

Agency Debit/ Credit Memo Policy

In accordance with the Vietnam Airlines Sales Accounting Manual and IATA Resolution 850m (Passenger Agency Conference Resolution Manual) Vietnam Airlines takes the opportunity to specify the Vietnam Airlines Revenue Recovery policy concerning the Agency Debit Memo (ADMs) policy.
The purpose of this document is to make clear to agents all the circumstances under which ADMs will be raised.

1. Scope

1.1 Vietnam Airlines (VN) will issue an ADM to collect amounts or make adjustments to agent transactions related to the issuance and use of VN traffic documents, issued by, or at the request of the Agent, regardless of which airlines are included in the itinerary of the VN traffic document. An ADM may also be used to collect amounts where a traffic document has not been issued, if agreed with the Agent, for example, for deposits for group sales.
1.2   It is VN ticket issuance policy to mandate the use of Electronic Tickets (Ets).
1.3  All clause in this document are the standard ADMs policy. In case VN and Agent have other bilateral agreement on issuing ADMs policy, the bilateral agreement will be prevail.

2. Key points:

2.1 Minimum ADM Value 
The minimum ADM value is USD 10 or equivalent, except in the case of taxes. In case of persistent practice of under collection (multiple occurrences of underpayments of less than USD 10 or equivalent) by the same agent, VN reserves the right to recover these underpayments. More than one ADM in relation to the same original ticket can be raised if different, unrelated charges apply.
Grouping of multiple tickets on one ADM can be allowed under conditions that the audit reasons are the same for all grouped tickets and all tickets are issued by the same agent.
2.2 ADM Administrative charge
VN will not levy administration charges to cover the cost of ADM issuance by VN.
2.3 ADM Settlement 
Agency Debit Memos will be raised and settled via the BSP link if sent within nine months after final travel date/refund date.  Where the final travel cannot be established for any reason, the expiry date of the document shall be used. Beyond that date payment settlement will be handled directly between the airline and the agency.
ARC Debit Memos will be loaded in the ARC Memo Manager. 
2.4 ADM Dispute Handling 
Disputes can only be done via BSPLink. It is VN’s intention to handle disputed ADMs in a timely manner. 
Agents has the right to raise disputes within 15 days of receipt of ADM. Failure to do so, disputes will not be accepted by VN. Upon receipt of dispute, VN will revert within 60 days stating acceptance or denial of the dispute  with a clear explanation. 
2.5 ACM Issuance 
In case of unjustified ADMs been issued by VN or when an ADM requires corrections in favor of the agent, an ACM can be issued to that agent covering the amount due.

2.6 ADM Reasons
2.6.1 All fares, fare rules and booking rules are subject to audit. Included, but not limited to this audit control is the correct application of:
  • Fares & Fares conditions
  • Taxes & fuel surcharges
  • Minimum/ Maximum Stay, Advance Purchase Rules, Seasonality & flight applications
  • Commissions & Discounts (if applicable)
  • Stopovers & Transfers
  • Refund error such as unauthorised or incorrection of fare, fuel surchrge, tax, fee/charge, commision refund amount. 
  • Rebooking fees, recalculation of Re-issue / Rerouting 
  • Plate violations.
  • Credit card acceptance violations.
  • No report ticket 
  • Booking violations. 
  • Multiple utilization for 1 coupon..