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Advance Seat Selection

Advance Seat Selection

With advance seat selection, passengers will enjoy more space to stretch your legs or avoid sitting separately from your family or friends.

Advance seat selection applies for flights operated by Vietnam Airlines. Depending on the type of ticket (fare family), passengers may pre-reserve your seat with fees or without fees. 

- Business and Premium Economy Class: Free seat selection. 
- Economy Class:
   + Economy Flex ticket: Free seat selection. 
   + Economy Classic ticket: Free seat selection for the standard seat.
   + Economy Lite/Super Lite ticket: Passengers can pay to reserve your seat from the moment of booking until online check-in (24 hours before flight’s departure).

Note: Passengers can select seat without fees when online check-in opens.

Advance seat selection in Economy Class

Passengers can choose from the following seat types to suit your travel needs:

  • Extra Legroom Seats, e.g., exit row (*) provide passengers with more space to stretch your legs.
  • Forward zone Seats (Aisle/Middle/Window) located closer to the doors allow passengers to be among the first to disembark the plane.
  • Standard Seats: Most seats in Economy class are standard seats except for seats next to emergency exit doors, or those with extra legroom.

Passengers can view seat map here.

(*) Note: 

For safety reasons, in case of seating in an exit row, passengers must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 15 and not over 60 years of age.
  • In good condition, not be pregnant, not travelling with infants or pets.
  • Be able to read and understand instructions required related to emergency evacuation, provided in printed or graphic form and be able to understand oral crew commands.
  • Not requiring an extension seat belt.
  • Not have any condition that might prevent passengers from performing any or all evacuation assistance functions (e.g. operating the exit door).

Please note that the crew in command has the authority to re-seat if there is any doubt about your ability to do the evacuation tasks.

How to reserve your seat in advance?

Advance seat selection can be made in the following ways:

  • When booking online (website, mobile app) or booking through travel agent in Vietnam (using Sabre Interact system); other agents need to access Manage Booking to reserve seat for customer).
  • After booking a flight with us, passengers can log in to Manage Booking to reserve seat.
  • Passengers can also book at our general sales agent, ticketing office, in-town check-in service.

How much will it cost?

Advance seat selection fees vary depending on the seat type selected and the flight. Prices can be found when making your booking or in Manage Booking. Fees start from:

  • On Domestic Flight: VND 30.000
  • On International Flight: USD 5 (~ VND 115.000)


Passengers may change the reserved seat, but should read the refunds section below for sufficient consideration. 

  • Passengers contact the place of purchase and pay the difference when choosing higher paid seat as seat prices vary. If passengers change to a lower priced seat, Vietnam Airlines will be unable to refund the difference.
  • Or access Manage Booking to reserve new seat and pay the full fees again if required. In that case, passengers can claim a refund as mentioned in the section below.

If passengers change the flight after reserving a seat, your seats will be chosen again on the new flight.


When passengers cannot claim a refund?

  • Passengers cancel the flight.
  • Passengers change your flight and will be entitled to choose an equivalent seat on your new flight. If passengers don’t choose your new seats again, passengers will miss your right of seat selection from the previous flight.
  • Passengers are not eligible to sit in the seat type selected (according to safety regulations) e.g. an exit row seat.
  • It is more than 14 days since the completion of the last flight.

When passengers can claim a refund?

Passengers can claim a refund for paid seats if it is within 14 days of the completion of the last flight in your itinerary, and meet the following requirements:

  • There is an aircraft change (seat number or seat attribute is changed), or your flight has been cancelled and Vietnam Airlines cannot arrange a suitable alternative seat.
  • The connecting flight from an inbound and/or outbound flights operated by Vietnam Airlines are missed because of re-schedule.
  • Passengers buy and pay the full fees for the new seat (Passengers can claim a refund for the original advance seat selection).

Purchased seat selection can be refunded at the place of purchase.

  • If passengers purchase your preferred seat online (via website or mobile app), please contact us via
  • If passengers purchase your preferred seat from a travel agent, please contact your travel agent.