Travel document

Passenger traveling on international flights

Passenger traveling on international flights must submit the following identification forms:

  • Passport
  • Travel documents or immigration documents in accordance with Vietnamese Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners (such as loose-leaf visa, permanent residence card, temporary residence card, identity card. Identity card, or alternative documents as per agreement between the nations).
  • If your children do not have a passport, their full names, date of birth and stamped portrait picture have to be available in the travel document of the legitimate representative.

Vietnam domestic flights

Non-Vietnamese nationalities

  • National Passport; Travel Document, Loose - leaf Visa;
  • Permanent residence card, temporary residence card;
  • International driving license or driving license issued by Vietnamese competent agencies;
  • Aviation Security control card (long – term validity);
  • Vietnamese airlines identity card;
  • Identity cards issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to members of diplomatic missions, consular agencies, and representatives of international organizations;
  • In case of passport loss, a diplomatic note certifying personal identification and passport loss with portrait pictures and stamp is required. Diplomatic note is valid within 30 days from the date of confirmation.

Vietnamese nationality

  • Passengers over the age of 14 (years)
    1. Passport or Travel Document;
    2. Loose - leaf Visa;
    3. Permanent residence card, temporary residence card;
    4. Identity card;
    5. Military Identity card;
    6. National Assembly membership card;
    7. Communist Party of Vietnam membership card;
    8. Press Identity card;
    9. Driving license issued by Vietnamese competent agencies;
    10. Aviation Security control card; (long – term validity)
    11. National Security Aviation Committee card;
    12. Vietnamese airlines Identity card;
    13. Certifying personal identification form by local police or authorities citing passenger‘s permanent residence or temporary residence. Certifying forms must include the following information: certifying authority offices and their officer; date of certification; certified person‘s name, date of birth, gender, residence and hometown;  
    14. Above certifying forms must be attached with stamped portrait picture and shall be valid within 30 days from the date of confirmation;
    15. Certifying form by authorities about passenger‘s sentenced completion;
    16. Electronic identification account (e-ID account) with level 2 on passengers' VNeID app.
  • Passengers under the age of 14 (years)
    1. Passport;
    2. Birth Certificate;
    3. Birth Certifying Form (infants under one [01] month old);
    4. Certifying form by a social organization for children under the patronage of that organization. This certifying form shall be valid within 6 months from the date of confirmation.

The travel document conditions

    Passengers’ travel documents as referred above must meet the following conditions:
  • Travel documents are the original copies, stamped with portrait picture and still valid.
  • If passengers use birth registration or birth certificate, that travel document must be the original copy or a copy certified by a notarial office with legal status.

Documents without a stamped portrait picture are not accepted. Except: Birth Certificate, Birth Certifying Form, or escort document issued by a recognized authority.