Eo gió - Quy Nhơn


Quy Nhon – A simple beauty that enchants the heart

Quy Nhon is one of the rare coastal cities that shines with its pristine and rustic charm that keeps us enthralled. Dubbed “the mini Maldives of the Central region”, Quy Nhon is naturally endowed with presiding mountains, stretchy crescent sandy beaches and sapphire blue sea. The place is dotted with numerous vestiges of ancient Champa civilization that existed over centuries, and bequeathed us with unique Hindu towers of exceptional religious significance.

The scenery

Wind Strait: Wind Strait is a narrow strait embraced by two cordilleras. Stroll along the snaky trail plied with whitewashed fences against the black mountainous backdrop and you will be overwhelmed by the superior natural charm of rugged rapids and the vast sea.

Ky Co Island: A trip to Ky Co Island lavishes us with utmost tranquility. Under the sun, Ky Co glows against the taunting azure sea that can be seen straight through the bottom, adorned with ripples and embraced by crescent sandy beaches. As the tide roars ahead, the waves rage against rapids and create glamorous natural pools.

Phuong Mai Sand Dune: Spilling over a large, flat area, Phuong Mai Sand Dune is a patchwork of bursting yellow ripples of sand. The ridges of the sandare not fixed, but depend on sea breezes, so every new visit is treated to ever changing shapes of nature. By night, under the starlit firmament, tranquility seeps in, perfuming a romantic date of loving hearts.

Twin Towers: Quy Nhon Twin Towers are a unique Champa landmark that dates back to the 11th to 13th century, and now a great destination for avid culture explorers. The twin towers stand side by side, one tall and the other shorter, surrounded by a green lawn under the leafy glade of trees. Typically, an ancient Champa compound consists of three towers, but this one has only two, making it an unsolved riddle of history.


Quy Nhon is a food haven, offering a variety of seafood and local specialties, such as hỏi cakes and pork offal porridge, prancing prawn rice crepes, pork skin soup, greasyback shrimp spring rolls, flax leaf wrapped ít cakes, fish rice vermicelli, jellyfish rice vermicelli, grilled pork terrine or sautéed beef and bread.

Deep fried Vietnamese rice crepes stuffed with fresh greasyback shrimps are dipped in special fish sauce and served with corianders. The very first bite already engenders their crunchy and meaty flavor that keeps paralyzing our tongue.

There is an exotic, amusing treat in Quy Nhon that gets us curious, namely sautéed beef and bread. It’s a popular breakfast that involves bread served with steamed pork soup, carrots, potatoes and peas. Crunchy, buttery bread goes well with brothy and hot soup, thus a great warm-up for a chilly rainy day.


Should you be an avid zoo goer, let’s head to FLC Zoo Safari Park, a safari compound and habitat of nearly 900 animals: bears, ostriches, deer, camels, black swans, etc. Goers here are to take a glimpse at the habitat and behaviors of animals and join various pursuits, including tandem biking, camping and kayaking.

A sand surf on Phuong Mai Sand Dune whose slope gets up to 100m is a recommendable hobby for visitors in Quy Nhon. They are to delight in a big rush downward against the taunting gold backdrop of the dune.Further, Trung Luong Camping Site is also a great stop to have fun. Let’s join our families and friends on a stroll along cobbled lanes, watch the falling sunset on the sea, barbecue, camp overnight, swim in the sea and dive to watch corals.


Flights to Quy Nhon arrive at Phu Cat Airport, around 30km from Quy Nhon City center and take 50 to 60 minutes to commute. Passengers can take a bus on the right of the terminal gate for VND50,000/ride or hail a taxi for VND250,000 to 350,000/ride. Travel agencies are also offering airport shuttle buses (up to types of the buses) that suit big tourist groups.

Useful tips

  • Travel time May to August

  • Wi-fi 3G/4G

  • Visa Visa exemption for temporary residence of maximum 15 days from the date of entry

  • Contact information

  • Language Vietnamese and English

Flight information

Vietnam Airlines offer a variety of flights to Quy Nhon at different frequencies and competitive fares to meet both business and leisurely travel demands. Flights arrive at Phu Cat Airport at a frequency of 2 flights/day from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Interested passengers should directly search for best fares here.

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