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Accrual bonus miles in the member accounts recognize the members' contributions and loyalty to the airline. So, what are the uses of bonus miles? Let's explore!


💙 Buy tickets using Cash & Miles
💙 Exchange miles for flights, checked baggage, upgrade awards, or Voucher to the Lotus Lounge, etc.
💙 Exchange miles for technology gifts, home appliances, travel kits, health care… Find out more "here"
💙 Exchange miles for VinID for shopping at Winmart, Winmart+, Vinmec, Vinschool, etc.
You can refer to “Mileage Deduction for Award Ticket Chart” or “Regulations on Award Tickets” for more details.
You can refer to Peak Period Table for Vietnam's domestic and international itineraries.

Calculate miles for awards

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Redeem upgrade awards

You can use miles to upgrade purchased tickets to a higher class of service (Business or Premium Economy) for yourself or your family and friends (applicable to Million Miler, Platinum, Gold, and Titanium members) on flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.

You can check the Table of Mile Deduction for Upgrade Awards here 

and upgrade at the airport here.

How many miles do I need to redeem an upgrade award?

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Redeem Baggage Awards

You can get baggage award tickets for yourself or for your family and friends (applicable to Platinum, Gold and Titanium members) on flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.

You can check the Table of Mile Deduction for Baggage Awards here 

and redeem baggage award at the airport here.

How many miles do I need to redeem a baggage award?

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Business Lounge Award

Beginning November 1, 2018, Lotusmiles Platinum and Gold Members can redeem miles for access to the Lotus Lounge for one friend or family member travelling with them on the same flight. See below for details.

Mileage deductions for a friend or family member who is on the nominee list of Platinum and Gold Members:

  • Business lounge access for domestic flights: 2,000 miles/person.
  • Business lounge access for international flights: 4,000 miles/person.

Mileage deduction for a friend of family member who is not on the nominee list of Platinum and Gold Members:

  • An additional 20% of normal mileage deduction will be applied


  • Applies only to flights operated by Vietnam Airlines with carrier code VN on tickets
  • Applies to the Lotus Lounge in Vietnam only
  • Access depends on availability
  • Platinum and Gold Members should submit the award request at check-in

Combine cash and miles to buy tickets

Combine Cash And Miles To Buy Tickets
Lotusmiles members can use both Cash and Miles to pay for tickets on Vietnam Airlines operated flights (flights with carrier code VN). 
Miles can be used for paying partially or fully the value of the air ticket, while they cannot be used for payment of taxes, fees and other surcharges.
  • The minimum mileage required for the ticket purchase is 2,500 miles per 1 passenger per 1 flight sector. 
  • Tickets bought jointly by Cash and Miles are eligible for earning miles as per Lotusmiles Program policy.


  • Voluntary refund: Miles cannot be refunded.
  • Involuntary refund: Miles used to purchase tickets will be refunded, in line with the ticket handling principles of the Conditions of Carriage posted on the website
  • Lotusmiles member can use Cash & Miles to buy tickets for accompanying persons if they all share a reservation code with the member. 
  • The value of the miles used in Cash & Miles payment is determined at the time of ticket purchase, flight date, itinerary, booking class and the selling channel.
  • Members can use miles to cover the seat selection service while buying ticket using Cash & Miles (pending availability).
  • When filling in personal information to buy ticket, members should keep intact the Lotusmiles card number field in the “Passenger information” and refrain from entering the frequent flyer number issued by other SkyTeam member airlines.

Airline Partners

Redeem Miles with Airlines Partners

Lotusmiles members can redeem miles for free flights with all SkyTeam Airlines and other airline partners

SkyTeam Airlines, China Southern Airlines (CZ) and All Nippon Airways

Choose the region your flight is departing from in the list below to find your redemption miles reference table.

 South East Asia
         North East Asia
        South West Asia          South West Pacific
          North America
 Central America
   South America
   Middle East

Please click here for the Award zone definition for other airline partners.

Conditions apply for awards with airline partners:

  • Lotusmiles members can redeem award tickets for themselves.
  • Platinum, Gold and Titanium members can redeem award tickets for their friends and family.
  • Tickets are available on flights operated and marketed by SkyTeam Airlines or non-SkyTeam Airlines (If Vietnam Airlines has the bilateral agreement). Members can also redeem award tickets on the combined routing between Vietnam Airlines and SkyTeam Airlines.
  • Validity of award tickets: 12 months from issuing date

Backout date for award redemption on Korean Air

Booking classes for award tickets

No Carrier Award booking classes
First class Business class Economy class
1 Vietnam Airlines (VN) - O U*, X
2 Aeroflot (SU) - O X
3 Aeromexico (AM) - O X
4 Air France (AF) - O X
5 Air Europa (UX) - O X
6 Alitalia (AZ)  - Z U
7 Aerolineas Argentina (AR) - O Z**, X
8 Czech Airlines (OK)  - Z E
9 China Eastern Airlines (MU) A O X
10 China Southern Airlines (CZ) F O X
11 China Airlines (CI) - O X
12 Delta Air Lines (DL)  O O R*, N
13 Garuda Indonesia Airlines (GA) - O X
14 Kenya Airways (KQ)  - O X
15 Korean Air (KE) - O X
16 Middle East Airlines (ME) - O X
17 Royal Dutch Airlines (KL)  - O X
18 Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV) A O X
19 Tarom (RO) - O X
20  Virgin Atlantic (VS)
 - P*, A 
21 Xiamen Airlines (MF) - O X
All Nippon Airways (NH)  I X

(*) Premium economy class

(**) Club economy class

Round The World Award

Round the World is a program offered by Skyteam to allow passengers to travel around the world for an exciting journey. Passengers, for example, can go from New York to Paris, then Hanoi, Tokyo, Los Angeles and finally back to Boston as described in the below travel journey:

New York- Air France - Paris - Vietnam Airlines – Hanoi - Vietnam Airlines – Tokyo - Delta Airlines - Los Angeles - Delta Airlines- Boston.

Lotusmiles Members can redeem miles for Around the World awards on SkyTeam flights for Lotusmiles Members and for people registered in the Nominee list.

Conditions for award tickets:

  • The itinerary must be a continuous course from East to West or from West to East (no back-tracking during the trip)
  • The itinerary must include a flight over the Pacific Ocean and a flight over the Atlantic Ocean
  • Maximum 6 stopovers (stop more than 24 hours) with no more than 3 stopovers on the same continent (America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania)
  • Around the World award can include an “open jaw”(flight from Point A, to Point B and then from Point C back to Point A), which is considered a stopover

Validity of award tickets

12 months form the issuing date.

Required Miles:

  • Economy Class: 200,000 miles
  • Business Class: 300,000 miles
  • First Class: 380,000 miles

Other Partners

Miles handy - Gifts Easy!

Lotusmiles members can freely shop at LotusMall using miles.

With just a touch, tech-savvy fans can immediately get hold of high-end iPhone 12 or Apple watch. Using just 3,000 miles or more, the members can buy cute travel accessories or health care things...New products will further be added to give members more choices.

Let's experience of shopping with LotusMall!

Six steps to shop at LotusMall

1. Access your Lotusmiles account at or Mobile App Vietnam Airlines

2. Go to the Redeem Miles section select LotusMall

3. Select Get Reward to access to LotusMall

4. Select “ ≡ ” in the left corner of the screen, select the gifts

5. Fill in the form “Shipping information” for gift delivery

6. Fill the OTP sent to your phone registered with Lotusmiles to fulfill the reward redemption.

Note: Apply only to the members who have Vietnam-registered phone number and address to receive the gift, and conduct the redemption transaction in Vietnam.

Telecommunication Award

Lotusmiles members can redeem miles for the Telecommunication Bill deduction with MobiFone.

Bill Deduction Award Table:

Bonus miles required MobiFone bill deductions
5,000 VND 200,000
10,000 VND 500,000
15,000 VND 1,000,000

  • Only members who register as an associate member between Lotusmiles program and Mobifone's loyalty program are eligible for redemption.
  • MobiFone bill deduction awards are applied to postpaid and prepaid subscriber’s accounts of members only.
  • An award request for a MobiFone bill deduction cannot be cancelled and will be deducted from next month’s MobiFone bill after your award is approved

Three easy steps to redeem for MobiFone

1. Access your Lotusmiles account at or mobile app Vietnam Airlines

2. Go to the Redeem Miles section, select MobiFone Award

3. Select the package and redeem


Members can now link their Lotusmiles account with TCBS securities account to exchange for iXu, then exchange iXu for cash or VinID points for shopping.

Conversion Rate:
  • 20 Lotusmiles miles = 1 iXu
Instructions to redeem bonus miles to iXu
  • Log in to your Lotusmiles account here
  • Go to the section Redeem miles/Redeem for iXu
+ Register for a TCBS account (if you don't have one)
+ Link TCBS account
  • After the link is successful, go to the section Redeem iXu and enter the amount of miles you want to redeem.
  • Only change Lotusmiles miles to iXu on Vietnam Airlines website.
  • Offer applies to individual customers in Vietnam.

VinID Award

Starting July 2021, Vietnam Airlines and VinID have started a program that allows the conversion of Lotusmiles miles to VinID points, at the following conversion rate:

  •       20 Lotusmiles miles = 100 VinID points

The minimum redemption is 5,000 miles/time and the maximum is 100,000 miles per year.

Instructions on converting from Lotusmiles miles to VinID points:

- Access Lotusmiles account on
- Go to the Rewards section and select VinID


- The transaction of exchanging Lotusmiles miles to VinID points can be done online.
- Members can only convert Lotusmiles miles to VinID points at their own account. 

The transaction of mile-to-point conversion is applicable only to the members holding a physical VinID card.

Redemption Guide

Redeem on Vietnam Airlines Mobile Application or Website

Book award flight, pay tax/charge, and get award tickets Please see the redemption guide here.


  • Award tickets must be issued at least 6 hours prior to departure
  • Maximum of 6 passengers (not including infants) for each transaction
  • Not applicable for members under 12 years old
  • Applicable itineraries: 

- All Vietnam Airlines operated flights and codeshare flights with flight number from VN*2000 to VN*2999, from VN*8000 to VN*8999

- Itineraries combining flights of Vietnam Airlines and SkyTeam airlines, as follows:

Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh to Paris/Frankfurt/London on Vietnam Airlines, continuing to Italy/Czech/Romania on Alitalia/Czech Airlines/Tarom Airlines
Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh to Seoul/Pusan on Vietnam Airlines, continuing to Jeju Island (Korea)/Vladivostok (Russia) on Korean Air
Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh to Beijing/Guang Zhou/Shanghai on Vietnam Airlines, continue to some cities in China on China Eastern Airlines/Xiamen Airlines/China Southern Airlines
Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh to Jakarta on Vietnam Airlines, continue to Denpasar/Medan on Garuda Airlines

Redeem On Vietnam Airlines Mobile Application Or Website

Redeem at Vietnam Airlines Branch Offices

Step 1: Book your flights

Please contact Vietnam Airlines’ offices to make a reservation for your award ticket or to upgrade your award ticket.

Step 2: Send redemption request.

Option 1: Send the Award request documents to nearby Vietnam Airlines branch office or Lotusmiles Center, including: 

Option 2: Members can also fill out the information in the Award request on the website/mobile application (Log in to Lotusmiles account, choose Redeem Miles => Redeem at Branch Offices).

Step 3: Check the award information.

Members should follow the redemption process and check your award status on the website (Log in your Lotusmiles account, choose Redeem Miles). Members can also contact Lotusmiles Center to check award status.

An award e-voucher will be sent to the member’s registered email.

Step 4: Complete the redemption at Vietnam Airlines branch offices

Members should contact Vietnam Airlines branch offices to pay the taxes and fees (if required) and will be issued the Award Tickets/ Upgrade Awards/ Excess Baggage Awards.

Please be prepared to show your original identity card/passport and Lotusmiles card.


  • Check your Account Statement to see how many valid accumulated miles you have and choose a suitable award
  • Lotusmiles members can increase your miles by buying miles or transferring miles if you would like to use an award but don’t have enough miles
  • Please indicate at which Vietnam Airlines’ booking office you wish to pick up your award.
  • When Platinum, Gold and Titanium Members request an award for family or friends, the Nominee list Form needs to be completed
  • If you would like another person to pick up your award, the authorized person must present his/her ID (or passport) together with the Authorization Paper , E-Award Certificate Number and member’s ID (or passport) and membership card to receive your award ticket
  • If you have not received your award certificate three days after the date of sending award request, please contact us at the Lotusmiles Center or the nearest Vietnam Airlines’ booking offices
  • You can check more award regulations at Lotusmiles Terms and Conditions.