Special baggage is charged and not included in the free baggage allowance, except for specially described cases. Passengers should refer the regulations and fees for special baggage as per the following items:

Notes for carrying special baggage

Passengers should contact the respective airport authorities to familiarize themselves with all regulations and required documentation regarding their luggage.

  • Special baggage charges are applied to flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.
  • In case of an itinerary involved in another carrier-operated segment, special baggage needs to be approved by the operator for transport on that segment.
  • On the itineraries to/from the Americas, special baggage charges are applied to the segments operated by Vietnam Airlines only; and policies of other carriers are applied to their operating segments.

Support contact

For advice on special baggage, please contact one of the following channels:

  • Contact Center:
    1. ○ For calls within Vietnam: 1900 1100;
      ○ For calls from outside Vietnam: (+84-24) 38320320;
  • Contact our Branch Offices.