Pregnant passengers

Pregnant Passengers

Your safety and that of your unborn child are always at our top priority. We recommend the pregnant passengers should read the below information to have a  good preparation.

Pregnant passengers

Vietnam Airlines will provide pregnant passengers with the best comfort and special assistance. For safety concerns, pregnant passengers are advised to inform our staff about their pregnancy status at reservation.

In general, it is safe to fly during pregnancy. However, Vietnam Airlines advises all pregnant passengers to consult their doctor before planning a trip. 

  • Consult your physician in advance to see if it is safe for you to fly.
  • Consult with your doctor if there are any symptoms such as bleeding or morning sickness, or any complications including threatened miscarriage, anemia, or toxemia of pregnancy during pregnancy.
  • Minimize stress as much as possible.
  • The best time to travel during pregnancy is the stable period between 12 and 28 weeks.

Information for carriage of pregnant passengers on Vietnam Airlines as below:

No Pregnancy period (*) Travel on Vietnam Airlines Document required (**)
1 Within 32 weeks Pregnant passengers are accepted to travel as  regular passengers. As normal passenger


From 32 weeks to under 36 weeks

Pregnant passengers are required to provide Medical Clearance.



3 From 36 weeks; or expected child bearing time of within 07 days before departure; or within 07 days after delivery

Air travel during this period is prohibited due to safety concerns

4 Special case:
Uncertain time of being pregnant or estimated date of delivery;
Previously having twin, or triplet children;
Having complications which can arise when deliverying;
Being pregnant by artificial insemination.
Pregnant passengers are required for Medical Clearance.



(*) The pregnancy period of the pregnant passenger is calculated until the flight date.

(**) MEDIF II can be replaced by sets of documents, each set containing one copy of a fetus examination book, an ultrasound examination result, etc.. which states by specialized physicians:

  • Whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy
  • The estimated week of pregnancy
  • The expected date of delivery
  • That pregnant passengers are in good health and the pregnancy is progressing normally, without complications
  • That pregnant passengers are fit to travel.

If a passenger’s itinerary involves international sector travel, passengers must prepare an additional set of documents in English certified by a notarial office with legal status. 

Validity of documents:

Medical certificate dated within 7 days of the initial travel date. The same medical certificate is valid for the next sector(s) provided that there is no complication during the journey and the pregnant passenger fulfills the requirement of traveling within 36 weeks on the day of commencement.

Updated medical certificate within 7 days prior to the commencement date is required if the pregnant passenger experiences any medical complications during travel.

Important note

Pregnant passengers are advised to prepare all tickets, travel documents and medical clearance for their flight(s). All required documents must be valid for the whole itinerary. If passengers choose not to carry a medical certificate, or your medical certificate is out of date, or it does not contain the information required, for your safety, Vietnam Airlines reserves the right to deny boarding.

Some countries place limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. It is advisable to check with the local consulate to confirm the country's specific requirements.

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