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Book connecting/direct flights to Europe, Asia, Australia, America and domestic Vietnam using our online booking facility and get your ticket instantly to your registered email!

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Fare Types and Rules

Purchase your air ticket online to choose the best fares at your convenience. Read to know our fare types and rules!

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Online payment

Convenient, flexible, and most importantly – secure. Choose from a range of options when you pay for your air ticket.

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For your convenience, we offer ways to retrieve your eTicket online and review its information or print it out at your choice.

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Ticket Refund/Change

Read to know detail instructions and download ticket change/refund form.

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Online Fares

View our online fares applicable to your location.

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Online Booking FAQ

Find out answers to the questions you may have regarding online booking process and regulations

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Pre-reserved Seat Service

"Pre-reserved Seat" option that allows passengers to reserve their preferred seats during the booking process.

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