Conditions of VNAHolidays Booking

Conditions of VNAHolidays Booking

When using the VNAHolidays booking facility to make a reservation, kindly acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions.

    I. General Conditions of VNAHolidays Bookings
    1. Conditions of using VNAHolidays booking facility:
    The VNAHolidays booking facility is only for your personal and non-commercial use. You are not permitted to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the online booking facility.
    You represent that you are of legal age to use the booking facility in accordance with these Conditions of Use and have legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the use of the VNAHolidays booking facility. You are financially responsible for all transactions made on this  website by yourself and those using your login information. You will supervise all usage of the booking facility under your name and account. You warrant that all information supplied by you, and members of your household using the booking facility, are true and accurate.

    2. Rules for VNAHolidays Booking
    Reservations can be made for up to 9 passengers (excluding infants) per booking.
    Adults: From 12 years old at the time of traveling on the first flight.
    Children: From 2 to under 12 years old at the time of traveling on the first flight.
    Infants: From 7 days to under 2 years old (at the at the time of traveling on the first flight for itineraries wholly operated by Vietnam Airlines, or at the time of traveling on the last flight if the itinerary includes flights operated by other airlines).
    Children from 2 to under 12 years and infants under 2 years (at the time of traveling on the first flight) must travel with an accompanying parent/authorized person and must be booked under the same reservation.
    Infants with seat (under 2 years at the time of traveling on the first flight) are currently not accepted for booking.
    If the flight arrival is earlier than 0500AM, the hotel stay will be set to start from the day before arriving date. If the flight arrival time is later than 0500AM, the hotel stay will be set to start from the day of arrival. Hotel check-in time depends on hotel policy and is provided during booking process.
    Passengers under 14 years traveling alone are required a commitment letter of legitimate representative to operating airlines.
    VNAHolidays are exclusively available online and subject to the availability of seat and accommodation.
    Your package will not be not guaranteed until successful payment.
    Confirmation email will be sent to your registered email after completion of payment. In case you do not receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes, you must notify to Vietnam Airlines’ email vnaholidays.helpdesk@vietnamairlines.com for support.

    3. Rules for fares, taxes and fees
    Total VNAHolidays payments are inclusive of airfares, hotel accommodation, taxes, fees and charges, and apply to the entire package.
    Some airport service charges may not be included due to the airport’s policy.
    If a hotel levies a utilities surcharge, a resort fee or a local telephone service charge you must pay such charges directly to the hotel.
    Vietnam Airlines headquarters is located in Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines shall not be responsible for any fees that might be levied by the issuing bank while purchasing package on Vietnam Airlines website. Please check with your issuing bank for details of the fees if any.

    4. Rules for international payment card verification
    The cardholder is required to present the payment card, VNAHolidays Confirmation and Passport (or Vietnam Identification Card if the verification points in Vietnam) for verification of payment card at the airport upon request or/and at Vietnam Airlines branches when applying for a VNAHolidays amendment.
    Failing to produce the payment card will lead to denial of the package’s service.

    5. Conditions for VNAHolidays change and cancellation
    All booking amendments and cancellation requests must be forwarded to Vietnam Airlines at vnaholidays.helpdesk@vietnamairlines.com. Booking mendments/cancellation requests cannot be made directly with any hotel/resort.
    Conditions for amending bookings of VNAHolidays
    Apply for VNAHolidays with “change permitted” shown in the VAT Invoice.
    VNAHolidays will not accept exchanging a package to that with a lower total price
    Changes must be applied to the entire package.
    Change fees are informed during booking process include: 
    + Flight change fee applied per person  + Hotel change fee applied per package In addition to change fees, if the change results in a higher total cost, you are responsible for the additional charges of the revised package.
    Request for payment of change fees and additional charges will be sent to your email. You are required to make payment within 6 hours upon receipt of email using payment methods accepted by Vietnam Airlines.
    Conditions for VNAHoliday cancellation
    Apply only to VNAHolidays with “cancellation permitted” shown in the VAT Invoice.
    Cancellation is only applied to the entire package which is unused.
    Cancellation fee is 60% of package price.
    The refund will be credited to the payment card or payment account that was used to purchase the package

    6. Involuntary changes and cancellation
    Vietnam Airlines reserves the right to make any changes/cancellation to your package in the event of Vietnam Airlines’ failure to operate on schedule or refusal to transport.
    In the unlikely event of no room availability at your hotel, we will do our best to relocate you to the same category of accommodation. If you do not accept the alternative accommodation, you retain the right to cancel the booking and we will refund a partial or full amount of the package depending on the extent of package used. Should you wish to re-book a different property at a higher price, you will be liable for the additional cost.
    Force Majeure – As standard we will not be liable if we are unable to fulfill the booking by reason of any fire, earthquake, flood, substantial snowstorm, epidemic, explosion, strikes, riot, civil disturbance, war, or any similar events which are beyond our control or control of hotel or other service supplier.

    7. Contact points for support
    For any change/cancellation request, please contact Vietnam Airlines at vnaholidays.helpdesk@vietnamairlines.com
    For any queries about hotel service, please contact the hotel supplier shown in your VNAHolidays Confirmation.

    8. Restrictions of use
    You must not use the online booking facility to make any unauthorized, speculative, false or fraudulent reservations.
    You must not: 
    - Resell the service of the VNAHolidays booking facility
    - Use the VNAHolidays booking facility for any activity which breaches any law
    - Use the VNAHolidays booking facility in a way which interferes with its availability for other users
    - Use other means to transact or obtain information if you are unable to use the VNAHolidays booking facility.
    If Vietnam Airlines, in its sole discretion, believes that you are in breach, or will be in breach, of any of these restrictions, reserves its right to cancel your package  without giving you a reason and/or without further reference to you.

    II. General Conditions of Carriage as a part of VNAHolidays Bookings
    By making flight reservations as a part of a VNAHolidays booking through this website, you agree to be bound by Vietnam Airlines’ the General Conditions of Carriage.

    III. General Conditions for Hotel as a part of VNAHolidays bookings
    1. General Conditions
    By making hotel reservations as a part of a VNAHolidays booking through this website, you have made a contract with the hotel (when we have received full payment from you and sent a confirmation email)
    Complaints regarding the hotel should be reported on the spot the hotel management. We will not be liable for a problem which could have been rectified during the travelers’ stay if the hotel or service supplier has not been made aware of it. In any event you should inform us of all your complaints within 28 days from the event occurring.
    Force Majeure- As standard we will not be liable for an inability to fulfill the booking by reason of any fire, earthquake, flood, substantial snowstorm, epidemic, explosion, strikes, riot, civil disturbance, war, or any similar events which are beyond our control or control of hotel or other service supplier.

    2. Hotel Descriptions
    Hotel star ratings give a non-binding impression of the quality of each hotel. These are not necessarily the official local ratings and you should be aware that standards can vary between hotels of the same class in different countries, and even in the same country.
    Images, amenities, facilities and descriptions are provided to give general information about the property. Whilst we endeavor to ensure that property amenities, facilities and descriptions offer accurate and up to date information, we obtain this information from our Travel Suppliers and so cannot guarantee this always to be the case. Images of room types do not necessarily represent the bed configuration of the room being purchased.
    The Hotel descriptions are shown in English and some other popular languages.  They might not be provided in the language of your preference.

    3. Hotel Policy
    Children staying with adults 
    If the child supplement shows as N/A, bookings must  be made for a triple room and will be charged at the full rate for three adults. 
    Child supplements can only be added to the twin or double room rate to obtain the price for a room with two adults and one child. The supplements will apply to children between the ages of 2- 12 years (unless a different age range is specified). 
    Child supplements will not be available if the child’s age is not specified at the time of booking and we will charge for three adults in a triple room if this information is not supplied. 
    Cots/cribs for babies are only suitable for those under 2 years. While cots may show as available at the time of booking, they are subject to availability upon check in. 
    In some hotels no additional bedding is provided for a child where the child is either free or at a reduced price and breakfast may be charged for the child. If a child requires a bed of their own you must request a triple and no child discount will apply.
    Additional fees and charges, deposits 
    If a hotel levies an energy surcharge, a resort fee or a local telephone service charge you must pay such charges directly to the hotel. 
    Most hotels require a major credit card to be provided upon check in to cover incidentals. In the absence of a credit card a cash deposit may be required. All extras incurred by you must be paid directly to the hotel before departure; we will not be liable for your personal hotel charges.
    Special requests and other conditions 
    We will pass on to hotels special requests, such as non-smoking, adjoining or interconnecting rooms, but we cannot guarantee them. 
    Hotels are under renovation from time to time and take all possible steps to limit disruption to their guests. If a hotel is carrying out renovations, this will not entitle you to a refund. 
    Bookings must not be made with fictitious names to hold a space. If you do not book with the correct name you may receive non-arrival charges.
    VNAHolidays Confirmation email 
    Upon successful payment of your VNAHolidays, we will send you a VNAHolidays Confirmation email with VAT Invoice attached. Please print out the Invoice and present during check-in at the airport and the hotel. You may not be allowed to check-in if you fail to present the Invoice. 
    Specific changes/cancelation conditions will be specified in the VAT Invoice.