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If you choose to ship your goods with Vietnam Airlines you can feel extra safe that we have a dedicated network of branches and agents around the world to answer any queries you might have regarding your shipment. Check to find the details of the relevant contact and we will be pleased to assist.

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    Claims must be filed by Vietnam Airlines’ customers including:

      • - The consignee
    • - The shipper  providing that either:
    •          + The shipper is authorized by the consignee to claim and receive compensation.
    •          + The consignee refuses to receive the shipment.
    •          + The carrier is unable to contact the consignee.
    •          + The carrier confirms that whole shipment was lost.
    • - The legal inheritor, authorized persons of the persons above.
    • Please send your claim letter and all relevant documents to Vietnam Airlines branches where the shipment arrives. For offline destinations, claim documents shall be sent to the Vietnam Airlines branch in the first arrival point of the shipment’s routing.

    • Please include the following documents for your claim:
    • Claim letter signed by the customer or his authorized person or their legal inheritor;
    • A list of loss or damage stating the original  value and balance value of each affected piece (including invoices and related documents, if any);
    • The original/legible copy of paper air waybill (when paper air waybill is applied) or the original/legible copy of electronic air waybill or the Cargo Receipt and Shipper’s Letter of Instructions (when e-air waybill is applied).
    • Claims for postal mails shall be settled in accordance with the contract signed by Vietnam Airlinesand its partners.

    • The maximum limit of liability of Vietnam Airlines:
    • + The maximum limit of liability for loss, shortage, damage or delay in the cargo carriage is 22 SDR per kilogram of actual weight of loss, shortage, damage or delay (for international shipments and domestic shipments).
    • + This limit is automatically adjusted according to the applicable Convention (please refer to the current Vietnam Airlines’ General Conditions of Cargo Carriage).
    • Applied to actual weight.
    • If the shipper declares a value for carriage, the claim shall be settled in accordance with the shipment’s insurance policy and the agreement between Vietnam Airlines and its customer.
    • In case of loss or damage in one individual piece due to several reasons occurred simultaneously (such as delay, loss, damage, pilferage), the compensation shall be paid in accordance with actual loss or damage, but not more than Vietnam Airlines’ limit of liability for that piece itself.
    • Letter of claim must be submitted in writing to Vietnam Airlines within the proper time frame as below:
    • Damage:  Within 14 days (based on the date on postmark) from the date of receipt of the shipment.
    • Delay: Within 21 days (based on the date on postmark) from the date of arrival of the last piece of the shipment.
    • Loss (partly or wholly): within 120 days from the date of issuance of the airway bill.