Service registration

Service registration instructions

Passengers can select one of the following:

Service charges

Service charges: No change.

Fare rate: Apply the regular passenger fares.

Planning for travel

Consultation with doctors

Pregnant passengers should consult their physicians before departure, especially if they have problems such as anemia, morning sickness, abnormalities, miscarriage risks, etc.

Pregnancy period and documents required

Please be informed that the pregnancy period of a pregnant passenger is calculated until the flight date.

1. Pregnancy period less than 32 weeks

Pregnant women under 32 weeks are accepted as normal passengers by Vietnam Airlines.

Required documents: Health records/pregnancy examination certificate, or any documentation indicating that the gestational age as well as the health of the mother and fetus are normal or that the health prerequisites for air travel have been met.

2. Pregnancy period between 32 and 36 weeks:

Pregnant passengers must get their health certificates before flying if they fall into the following categories:

  • Pregnancy period between 32 and 36 weeks;
  • Or belong to one of the special pregnancy cases below:
    • Pregnancy by artificial insemination;
    • Uncertain time of pregnancy period or estimated date of delivery; 
    • In the past, multiple pregnancies happened;
    • Special treatment during pregnancy or delivery in the previous pregnancy.

Passengers are required to prepare one of the two sets of health confirmation records as follows:

  • MEDIF I form and 03 copies of pregnancy records/pregnancy test certificate/ultrasound results/any paper showing that the health of the mother and fetus is normal or good enough for air travel.

3. Pregnancy period of 36 weeks or more

For passenger’s health and safety, Vietnam Airlines does not transport passengers who are 36 weeks or more pregnant, have an estimated time of birth within 07 days, or have given birth within 07 days.


MEDIF II form, pregnancy records/pregnancy test certificate/ultrasound results should show the conclusions by specialists in health facilities accepted by Vietnam Airlines.

  • In Vietnam: Specialist hospitals, general hospitals, or district-level health centers, private hospitals, family clinics, SOS Clinics;
  • In foreign countries: Legal medical facilities selected by passengers.

Some countries place certain limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. Therefore, passengers should be aware of the following requirements before boarding a flight:

  • Learn the rules of entry for pregnant women;
  • Carry medical records in English confirmed by a legal notary.

Time for medical clearance

Pregnant passengers should have health clearance ready 7 days before the scheduled departure date of the first flight. The medical clearance is valid for the next sector provided that there is no complication during the journey and the pregnant passenger fulfills the requirement of traveling within 36 weeks on the day of commencement.

At check-in counter

When checking in for a flight, pregnant passengers should carry their flight tickets, travel documents, and medical clearance.

Some countries place certain limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. It is advisable to review the entry country's specific requirements before the flight.

In flight

When travelling with Vietnam Airlines, pregnant passengers are advised to select their seats in advance for a convenient and comfortable journey.

Register for the Special Meal service if you are a passenger who needs special in-flight meals due to medical orders, dietary restrictions, food preferences, religious meals, etc.

Vietnam Airlines offers a wide range of in-flight entertainment options to its passengers, such as publications, online magazines, movies, amusement shows, music, wireless entertainment, etc.