Bãi biển Phú Quốc


Phu Quoc – The Emerald Island

Nested in the southwest of Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc Island is indeed the cherished gem of Vietnam. Its tranquil and heavenly charm is further accentuated by the sapphire blue sea, crescent white sandy beaches on which rise green coconut rows, ever changing kaleidoscopic coral reefs and dark green perennial forests. In the middle of nature, human figures modestly adorn the picture, in fishing villages and on borderless pepper farms.

The scenery

Long Beach: Phu Quoc is famous for its untouched, peaceful islets and breathtaking beaches. Having the longest and finest coastline of Phu Quoc, the Long Beach attracts surfers and beach goers with its rippling waves against the gleaming golden sand, muttering coconut rows in the winds, rapids and looming fishing villages amidst the sea. At sunset, the sky and the sea are shining bright red.

Phu Quoc National Park: On the northeast of the island lies Phu Quoc National Park. In the recess of plying perennial roots, a crystalline stream flows through, a waterfall tosses bubbles and wild animals roam. There are three major cordilleras, namely Ham Ninh, Ham Rong and Ganh Dau bordering a breathtaking coastline.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village:
At the base of Ham Ninh Mountain lies a calm fishing village In the middle of  the tawdry dusk. From the undulating roofs by the coast and floating rafters off the shore, fishermen get aboard their vessels to embark on a voyage against the waves and harvest bountiful resources of the sea.

Phu Quoc Prison: Beside beautiful nature, Phu Quoc is richly filled with historical and cultural values. Phu Quoc Prison once held revolutionary political prisoners in captivity during the Vietnam War, and was named the Hell on Earth owing to numerous brutal torture practice here. These days, the torture is reenacted through wax figures that shake visitors to their core.


Phu Quoc cuisine is mostly famous for fresh seafood such as steamed lobsters, steamed spider crabs with lemongrass, sea cucumber porridge, grilled urchins, grilled abalones, saurels, tram mushroom soup with seafood, grilled groupers or herring salad rolls…

Phu Quoc boasts a signature  specialty  from the sea, called fish sauce which is made from the best anchovies. Phu Quoc fish sauce is amber brown, characteristically aromatic, pungent, salty and naturally fatty. The fish sauce is used as spice to amplify the distinct tastes of food.

Walking Around the island, you will discover  delicious cuisine, such as “horn” rice vermicelli, steamed chicken with green chili, palmyra palm sweetened sponge cakes, khéo cakes, fish terrine soupy cakes and myrtle liquor… “Horn” rice vermicelli is a common dish  among local families, which is made from  well-pounded northern yellowtail scads and deep fried with garlic. Fleshy scads and buttery coconut juice are mixed with mildly spicy chili to perfect the senses.


Besides sightseeing, Travelers to Phu Quoc  can as well take part in exciting beach sports such as kayaking, water motor rides, surfing and particularly  scuba diving to enjoy the  corals at An Thoi Islands.
Vin Wonders Phu Quoc is an ideal recreational realm for families and friends with a lot of thematic games: extreme games, water park, the central castle, fairy zone and Viking zone.
Animal lovers better not miss out on  Vinpearl safari Phu Quoc, a  habitat of over 3,000 animal species from various environments  worldwide. Visitors should feel free to gaze at exotic species such as Bengal tigers, Arabian antelopes, screw horn antelopes and black-and-white ruffed lemurs… drop in Phu Quoc dog farms to see rare vortex canine species of Vietnam. They are capable of picking litters, solving puzzles and especially  racing cross-country. The racecourse of these dogs is full of tricks and traps, notably trekking, wading and jumping…
During Late December or early January, visitors to Phu Quoc are invited to Epizode Festival – the largest seaside music festival of Southeast Asia.


Travelers will take a flight to Phu Quoc and arrive at Phu Quoc International Airport, 14km from the center of Duong Dong Town and taking 30 minutes to commute. Shuttle buses are available at the bus stop and charge VND20,000/ride, at a frequency of 20 minutes/ride from 6am to 6pm. Motorbikes can be hailed at the outdoor parking area on the right of the terminal gate for VND60,000 to 70,000/ride, or taxi from VND180,000 to 200,000/ride. Travel agencies are also operating airport shuttle bus services from VND200,000/ride.

Useful tips

  • Travel time May to September

  • Wi-fi 3G/4G

  • Visa Visa exemption for temporary residence of maximum 30 days from the date of entry

  • Contact information

  • Language Vietnamese and English

Flight information

Vietnam Airlines operate a variety of flights to Phu Quoc at different frequencies and competitive fares to meet both business and leisurely travel demands. Flights arrive at Phu Quoc International Airport at a frequency from 3 flights/day from Hanoi, 5 flights/day from Ho Chi Minh City, 6 flights/week from Danang and 4 flights/week from Haiphong. Interested passengers should directly seek for best ticket fares here.

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