Vulnerable Cargo

Some cargo is vulnerable due to its high value, such as: cameras, laptops; PDAs, valuable electronic commodities, mobile phones, phone cards (excluding cards without value), watches that can easily be stolen during transportation. With Vietnam Airlines, such items are accepted and handled by our trained and skilled specialist staff in accordance with a strictly-controlled process which every stage of shipment is constantly kept under CCTV surveillance. They are stored in secured storage areas that have been designed to prevent unauthorized access.

In addition, vulnerable cargo can include other kinds of cargo as requested by shippers, except special cargo in accordance with VNA’s regulations: valuable cargo, live animals, perishable cargo, wet cargo, etc.

Acceptance conditions for Vulnerable CargoPackingMarking and Labelling

Important Information

In addition to Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI), a Declaration for Vulnerable Cargo (VCD) shall be made by the shipper containing details of cargo type, number, weight and packing status at acceptance.

In case vulnerable cargo is also dangerous goods, documentation requirements of dangerous goods regulation shall be complied with.

Separate AWB shall be issued for vulnerable cargo.

For more information, please contact your local Vietnam Airlines Branches or Cargo Sales Agents

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