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Business Class - Seats - Business Class | Vietnam Airlines

Seats - Business Class

Experience our Business Class cabin facilities and make your journey interesting and enjoyable.

Boeing 777 Business Class Seat

On long-haul flights to Europe (UK, France, Germany, Russia) by Boeing 777 , Business Class passengers will experience large recliner seats with a pitch of 59 inches and a reclining angle of 156.8 degrees.

Airbus Business Class Seat

On medium and long-haul flights by Airbus 330 to Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc, Business Class recliner-type seats comfort you with a pitch of 62 inches and a reclining angle of 153 degrees.

On flights to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc, our aircraft Airbus 321 offers Business Class pleasant home-like seats with seat pitch of about 38 inches to 45 inches and reclining distance of around 7.5 inches to 10 inches.

In flight Power supply

If you need to turn on your laptop to work during the flight or your electronic devices are out of battery, in-seat 15V DC power socket are available in selected Boeing 777 and ready to use with a power adapter. Multi-purpose power socket are offered in Airbus 330.

Entertainment devices

There are two types of screens available onboard: in-seat screens and overhead screens. Please use in-seat screens at your will and with pleasure. Vietnam Airlines also provides you with standard headphones. Especially, noise canceling headphones are available on Boeing 777 aircrafts and selected Airbus 330 aircrafts. User-friendly in-seat handsets allows you to get easy access to our in-flight entertainment system. You should read further instructions in the In-flight Entertainment Magazine (Golden Lotus) available at your seat.

In – seat Telephone Services

Vietnam Airlines also offers satellite communications system (SATCOM). Passengers are able to make a phone call onboard via advanced in-seat telephone services available on the passenger control unit (PCU) and pay phone bills directly via international credit card. Telephone services are available on some Boeing 777 aircrafts.

Cabin amenities

For your comfort and convenience during the journey, pillow and blanket are available in most of the flights. Amenity kits will also be provided in flights of more than 4 hours.

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